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Born and raised in the beautiful city of Baltimore. I write Second-Person Stories that are pretty popular, I think. Celestia is best pony and Rarijack is best ship. Feel free to PM me with questions

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    I know everyone has been waiting a long ass time for EVERYTHING, but the waiting is soon to come to an end.
    And then probably continue again, but we'll deal with that later.
    I am going to update This Magic Moment AND I Can't Help this Friday night and/or Saturday morning.

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    I've actually been working quite a lot, even though none of you reading this believes me in the slightest.
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    Told y'all it'd come back at some point. Now that I got the ball rolling with it hopefully I'll keep it going.
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    This Friday

    I've set a deadline for myself, and it will be this Friday.
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New Story Posted · 4:01am Nov 1st, 2014

Evening, everyone! Happy Halloween!
Nothing is scarier than ScatMan actually posting something, especially when that new thing is a new story.
Hope you've all been good.
One of the reasons I have been gone is because I have decided that I will, at some point in time, be dropping out of school. My plan is to write a book, a screenplay, ANYTHING that will start a career for myself in writing.
College blows. I don't know why it's a thing. It's expensive and I feel stupid for being here.
Anyway, a long time ago I said I would be posting a story, and I have. I'm just waiting for it to get approved.
If you all wouldn't mind, I would love your support for this story. I haven't been online in a while, but I got on today, and I was surprised to see that amount of support I still seem to have in my writing.
You guys are the best, seriously. If it wasn't for you, I would have actually given up a long time ago.
Thank you all. I'm sure I'll be getting shit for being so inconsistent in posting my stories, but I deserve it, truthfully.
Thank you all, again.
I thought I had something else to say but I can't remember what it was. Fuck.
Thank you all again,

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Comments ( 10 )

Follow your dreams dude, follow your dreams

It's good you have a plan. Truthfully, I hope to finish college, and fall back on writing as a plan B should my target career fall short. Wish you luck in your endeavors.

You have my support, but gay isn't my thing. Hope to see more from you soon, though

This is what your were working on and not TMM?



*Goes to read it, then sees Gay again.

Crap. Welp, nevermind. Some more TMM, please.

As someone who only entered college after living on my own and working for 6 years I certainly hope you have a plan dude.

Follow your dreams man, but seriously think about pros and cons.

Nothing says you can't write AND attend college, but you do you man.

I personally wish you luck. The real world is pretty unforgiving bro.

Don't make decisions that you might regret dude, sometimes it's best to just stick it out

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