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Going on 24... · 6:32pm May 23rd, 2014

I never got to go sleep... the excitement of uploading a new fic got to me and I've been sitting here awake all day. Someone help me.

Mountain Dew... you understand me don't you :pinkiecrazy:

I may or may not be getting on Xbox today... So if any of you wanna hang and see me online (GT is OnyxReclaimed) then feel free to invite me to a party.

My comedy fic SO LISTEN... is doing rather well! If you haven't checked it out please do, I apparently did a good job with the funnies :yay:

I realize I have a little curse. All my stories except Crusade have around 35 likes... And like 3-5 dislikes... I can't ever break out of the thirties in likes! What is this madness?? Even a fic that I placed in a convention contest hasn't broken out of that!

Well I'm hoping my TwiDash, my Horrorfic, or my romance will break that curse... If my comedy doesn't. My adventure story did! But that's about is :unsuresweetie:

Anyhow, I'm gonna try and get some rest... then I have a bit of pre-reading to do, and then I'm back to work again.

Notice I said try? And probably fail.

- The Tide is Out

Report Tidal · 183 views · Story: SO LISTEN... ·
Comments ( 22 )

I know that feeling. When I upload a new chapter I'm usually going back to check it every 2 minutes to see new comments and favorites. Gotta learn to control myself lol.

As for your "curse", I wish I could help, cuz I have no idea!

2138690 I just have to be a better writer I suppose... Speaking of writing I have to read Obsolete!


Yeah I know that feeling, but maybe I should write more before I start comparing myself!:twilightsheepish: One of my most noticed stories is at like 52 likes/26 dislikes....:rainbowderp: yeah 2:1 ratio...that is actually quite neat in my opinion:twilightsmile: but all the same...most viewed too. But I need to work on my writing skills it seems...either that or most people no like my anthro...ness...ness...:twilightblush:

Not even that, the reason fics get popular on here a lot of times has nothing to do with how well written they are. My fic that has almost 900 likes has shitty writing in the beginning but is only popular because of the premise and description. My other fic with 70 likes and even shitter writing got a lot of readers from my bigger one. Just start writing ALOT of clop lol.

And SO LISTEN... got 40 likes, so... guess the curse is broken eh?:yay:

2138709 Lol I think 50 is a pretty number to have!

Idk I think Anthro is one of those genres that gets like insta-hate before anyone actually read it:pinkiesad2:

I just don't seem to gain enough views!:raritydespair:

2138710 YES! I JUST SAW THAT!!!!

THANK CELESTIA! THE CURSE HAS BEEN BROKEN:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::yay::yay::yay:

2138710 But yeah... same thing with Crusade. My writing in it is decent but it seems my description is what grabbed so many people:twilightsheepish:

2138714 One last crusade has about as many likes as all my stories combined just sayin! :derpytongue2: So you are on the right track!
And yeah anthro gets SOO much flack it isn't even funny:ajbemused:...yet it's kinda silly how when you use anthro and humanized for clop people go nuts...:rainbowderp: Makes not a lick of sense sometimes...:ajsleepy:
50 likes is what I REALLY had to push for. I mean seriously I advertised the living hell out of Our Pasts That Haunt Us! It got me the hate...but it did get me a couple loyal die hard fans :pinkiesad2:

Yeah a lot of people hate anthro for some reason. Personally I find anthro ponies weird looking but I wouldn't dislike a fic for it. The thing for me is why anthro them if there's no reason or benefit to the story?

And I put Our Past that haunts Us on my read later. Seems interesting.

2138749 same here. I'm always excited to support other authors! I'll let you know when I read it

2138801 Yeah I guess its more a matter of the writers preferences.:applejackunsure: Fer me anthro can be a tad easier to write...but the key is not what they are but the story portrayed ya know? :twilightsmile: I won't dislike it if characters aren't what I like...only if the story is excessively lacking, but even then I usually do nothing. No fave no like or dislike. :twilightsheepish: Just how I am.
Glad you think that about my story...even if it may have gone on a read later list...of hundreds...possibly! :derpytongue2:
2138824 Aww thank you so much for the added read as well!

Even if you both don't Like, Dislike, or Fave it...At least the story was told :pinkiesad2:

2138832 lol my read later list is small. Like 12 stories so no worries. I'll prioritize yours :raritywink:

2138837 Lol yeah mine isn't so small so I will have to prioritize One Last Crusade :derpytongue2::pinkiehappy:

2138845 Lol I'd like that:twilightsmile:

Thank you, my friend:twilightsmile:

Yeah I'm the same way. I've only disliked one story EVER.

And I'm not getting how making them anthro makes it easier to write?

Well for me it was the pic and title. I love the CMC so I just gave the story the benefit over the doubt and went from there.

In a way it's more about writing the right stories than writing well.

2138931 I agree... it sometimes saddens me. You gotta write the right story at the right time

Same here, but what can ya do? Just write great stories and people will hopefully recognize it. I mean over 100 have already so you must be doing something right!

Or like I said before just start writing obscene amounts of shipping and clop and one shots about a new episode the day after it premieres.

2138913 Just sort of is for me :twilightsheepish: hard to explain really but that is just how some of my stories get envisioned...hand and hoof! :derpytongue2: Its how I tend to be...when writing normal pony I always end up using "hand" instead of "hoof" :rainbowlaugh: So just deals with that...not that I don't try to write normal pony stories...Heck that's what my other stories are actually :derpytongue2:

Fair enough. Just be ready for dickish downvoters whenever you make an anthro fic though!

2139107 Yeah I know seriously...:ajbemused: It's quite the sad state of affairs, but can't be helped.

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