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"It is beautiful, it is endless, it is full and yet seems empty."


A visit to Twilight's house started off like normal. Some gossip here, some makeup there.

Then Rarity ventured into Spike's room, and is appalled at how child-like It looked. Dolls, Comic books, and even a Power Pony themed blanket. As an act of "generosity", Rarity decides to surprise Spike with a new room and gives away all of his collectibles.

His reaction? Well... It's rather... explosive.

Rarity is screwed.

An unrealistic interpretation of Spike's reaction if his comic books were to be tampered with. Written for fun/practice as my first comeback story since 2014! Enjoy!

Full reading was done by Night Spark! Listen to it here!
Thanks to FamousLastWords and ChappedPenguinLips for pre-reading and editing!

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Twilight was looking forward to a nice day alone. Away from princess, and friendship duties alike for at least one day. JUST ONE.

Thanks to one persistent stallion however, she isn't getting that day today.

Based off the Mad TV skit of the same name. Click here to see that.

Night Spark and I had a bet... that I lost. This is the result. I'm so ashamed.

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Today is a sunny day... but it shouldn't be.

Pinkie is well known for her optimism, parties, and skills in making delicious sweets... she isn't however known for being sad. When she is most ponies keep their distance so as to not make the situation worse by any means. Pinkie doesn't care though. The only one who can make things better now passed away several years ago... but her impact on Pinkie's life remains strong.

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Now with it's own Piano Ballad by Cromegas_Flare! Click here to check it out!

There are thousands of ponies spread out all over Equestria. When the Sun sets and the Moon rises, everypony prays to their goddess of the night; and then they sleep. They Hope that Luna will protect them from bad dreams, and allow them a peaceful nights rest.

Nightmares can manifest from anything. A lie you told. A thing you stole. No matter what causes your nightmare, Princess Luna will be there. To rid you of the thing you fear, and teach you to control it before it consumes you... like it did her.

Luna has a lot of ponies to watch over... and she doesn't do it alone.

Sequel has been confirmed!
I want to especially thank BBOFF for editing, Night Spark for helping me come up with the dream realm and this whole head canon, and Cromegas_Flare, and Surry for pre-reading! The beautiful Luna art is by AquaGalaxy

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~3rd Place Everfree Northwest Writing Contest Winner~

Sombra has been sentenced to "The Pit", one of Tartarus' pony prisons. In the underworld, it's hard to care for anypony other then yourself. Sombra is no different, looking only after himself, longing to return to the overworld and regain his throne in the empire. Events transpire however... changing Sombra. When introduced to an unusual thing, he begins to feel his heart softened as it was many years ago.

Though in Tartarus, friendship does not last forever, and the more you try and remember it... the more you forget it.

Thanks to the following awesome users for Pre-reading!
Night Spark
Biker_Dash and my amazing girlfriend, Ensemble.

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Apple Bloom argues with Applejack
Scootaloo fights with Rainbow Dash
Sweetie Belle disagrees with Rarity

After a near-terrible accident the CMC are shut down by those closest to them. They agree that in order to find their special talents, they need to go on their own adventure. On one last crusade.

Written during Season 4.
Special thanks to Lord-Commander for being my editor!

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