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"It is beautiful, it is endless, it is full and yet seems empty."


Times is rough · 10:59pm Apr 16th, 2020

How is everyone... times are rough, and I want to reconnect with old friends. Who is out there still. Sound off!

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Support and Whereabouts? · 9:31pm Sep 18th, 2018

Hey, guys! I know its been a minute since I blogged, but unlike what ChappedPenguinLips believes, I am still on this site reading and I have been working on a story slowly that I wont reveal any details right now about but hopefully I can get it released in the next few months. Writing has been harder for me because aside from work brutal enough. I have started streaming pretty frequently for 2 reasons which I will go into detail with below:

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Marathon! · 6:26pm Mar 26th, 2018

I’ve been pretty behind on the show for quite a while. Watched the first few episodes of season 6 and then never continued. Not by choice I just got lazy since I don’t have cable and can’t record it but now that they put season 7 on Netflix I was planning on binging to catch up...

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Fortnite with a Mod and Scrub · 7:51am Mar 25th, 2018

Whats better than playing Fortnite with ChappedPenguinLips?

Playing with Chapped and with Night Spark.

Night Spark is really bad. I'm still getting used to the game on PS4 so I'm not much better. But still...

Somehow Night Spark is always the last one standing.

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Next Steps · 5:45pm Mar 22nd, 2018

With the Two-Faced Charade contest coming to a close I’d like to congratulate Midnight Quill for winning the contest with his story Two Stripes!

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Playing Catch-Up · 12:17am Mar 19th, 2018

Hey, everyone! How have y'all been doing?

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A Two-Faced Charade Contest! 200 dollar prize! · 1:07am Jan 2nd, 2018

So if you haven't been checking your news feed or if you don't follow user FamousLastWords you may not have seen the contest he is hosting. Below I'll paste the rules and some information for the contest including the 200 dollar first place prize!

A Two-Faced Charade Rules and Guidelines

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First Apartment · 8:30pm Nov 7th, 2017

So for the past few months I’ve been preparing for the next big step in real life for Tidal. Moving into my very first apartment by myself.

Since I decided to move out there wasn’t internet at my parents place, now that I have my own internet set up I can post my own blogs again!

When I’m home I’ll put some pictures so you guys can see where Tidal lurks, but it’s pretty cool being on my own. A lot more free time without my parents asking me to do stuff.

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Fimfiction Anniversary · 4:39pm Sep 12th, 2017

I missed mine by about a day! 9/11/13... that's pretty crazy. 4 years total of reading and about half a years worth in writing. It's been pretty fun and I've enjoyed all of the time I've spent on this site and meeting you guys.

I've been pretty busy recently. I got approved for my first apartment and will be moving in next month, I'm also working on getting a promotion at my job to open up some more options for myself. It's been fun but... I'm tired.

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Been a Bit Rough · 8:07pm Aug 14th, 2017

These last two weeks have been a bit hard... the sudden change in my blood sugar levels was intense. Bringing it from a 400 down to 200 really wreaked havoc with my body because I was so used to it being really high. I've been feeling tired, and sluggish for the last two weeks so therefore I'm also very lazy lol.

I'm currently working on a new story, very early stages, and I'm gonna be finishing Crystal Affair here in the next few days with Famous hopefully.

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