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Oh to Be Done: Good and Bad News. · 8:17am Mar 2nd, 2014

Good news: Finally done.

I'm co-coordinating with my editor (who is - as always - the awesome Genjen) on getting it polished but I've finally hit on every part of what I wanted to hit on. And holy fuckballs is this thing big. It's the most massive chapter I've ever written on anything so far. It's still a far cry from certain other author's normal work but it is huge to me.

And that's part of the bad news here. It's big but because of that, it's going to take some time to get some of the kinks out. If we change one thing here then that makes this one thing there a bit less sensible/smart/natural/why-did-I-write-that-anyway? So I'm expecting this to take a teensy weensy bit longer to edit and polish just because of the size.

So it'll be a tad longer. But no more am I working on the actual writing part barring Genjen pointing out an obvious mistake I made that changes everything. And that might still happen but hopefully I didn't fuck it up that badly.

So the long wait is nearing an end. I seriously hope that it's not disappointing. I am never tackling a chapter this large again, by the way. And ... maybe I should work on it a bit more? Hmmm ...

Report Minalkra · 1,340 views · Story: Oh to be Old Again ·
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making others wait all ways makes them more wanting.

take as much time as you need, it only makes the finished product that much sweeter.

From reading this, I feel like writing fics is close to writing code.

Everything seems written alright, then you look closer and you're all like
"where did I type that comma"
"I shouldn't have used that statement"
"the fuck is that semicolon doing there"


1887668 inb4 everyone on your team declines the surrender and you base race and win because of DRAVEN

You're *bleeped* up brain is very confused :rainbowhuh:


That's a likely explanation.
Since I was supposed to be asleep about uh...

3 hours ago.
It's 2:45 PM now.

Yeah, I'll go to bread.

>Title of blog is "Oh to be done"

So... this is the last chapter and you're done with the story? :twilightoops: Or do you just mean that you're done with this particular chapter?

Hi, I'm Velvetheart. Mo' Bwucey?

I'm glad to hear it Minalkra. Your chapters are always worth the wait.

This is part of the learning process. It's the same as learning any other art: First you get good, then you get fast. You're in the process of getting good.

Minalkra > Celestia

Jeez, for a moment I thought this was an announcement declaring that the story was officially finished pending edits. I was worried that another interesting story I'd been following had fallen victim to a glitch in Fimfiction tracking and I wasn't actually being notified about it updating. Glad to hear that this isn't the case, and glad to hear that you're still working, friend.

Oh boy that title. First thought was Minalkra got sick of everything and is calling it quits.

That relief though. It shall be a grand read. :pinkiehappy:
-Reader Out-

1888153 that was what I feared too, good thing it wasn't. Hooray that it is still going and don't mind waiting for new chapter. To many fics I enjoy have gone on hiatus ;~;


Yep, I'll take quality over quantity any day of the week. :coolphoto:

Just this chapter, though I'm trying to maneuver certain players into a place where things can happen.

Not that this is a filler chapter. Oh no, things happen. But we're getting to where things start happening in a positive light for Bruce - might not be the pony y'all expect though. Still, plenty of potential for things to happen that make me go 'fuck, there goes that plan.'

Just kidding though, I really shouldn't be one to complain considering I've abandoned my own fic... I probably should get back on that thing sometim- OH LOOK A PUPPY!!!


Mmmm, delicious bread.

Son, I am proud that you didn't let this fic die.

there is no emote that I can find that expresses my excitement at this moment in time

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