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I'm alive · 2:46am Aug 11th, 2015

I'm alive! I live! I exist in a physical sense of the word! Rejoice!

Who the hell are you and why am I getting this in my feed?

I ... what? I write stories, one about a blue colt guy stuck in Equestria ... ?

Blue colt - wait, that's not cancelled?

What, NO! No, I was having trouble and-

I thought I removed that from my bookshelf.

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The blog in which Minalkra moans and Rarity loses her mind · 5:07am Nov 27th, 2014

An Excerpt from a Meeting

"Ok, let's try this again." Minalkra removed his glasses and ran a hand down his face. Arrayed around him were half-empty soda cans and opened nicotine patch containers. To his left, the scowling blue face of Bruce in a haze of smoke; to his right, the scowling elderly face of another human; and across form him, the tired and strangely sympathetic face of Rarity. "So after the song-and-dance bit, you get led around by Willy Wonka and ask ques-"

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Hey Bookshelves! · 7:09am Oct 10th, 2014

Hey! Bookshelves, that's cool. Now I can sort my stories out when I get a chance. Eventually. Awesome I guess.


And I even got a new notification. I wonder what it is. Let me just che-

... really?

This. This is going to be a thing for a while, isn't it?

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Oh to be DONE WITH THIS STUPID THING ARGHL · 6:31am May 29th, 2014

It's 2:30 in the morning. I'm tired but can't sleep. I have work in less than seven hours.

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Inspiration and 'Ownership' · 7:19am Apr 26th, 2014

I've had a few PM's from authors asking to use the 'adult in foal' idea for their own stories. I find this to be very strange - I do not 'own' this idea. Hell, I'm writing My Little Pony fanfiction, can I really say I own anything beyond Bruce? Though Bruce is a lot less like myself now than he was (exaggerated as he may be), that character is the only thing I can even remotely claim as my own. Everything else is either Hasbro's or an idea. And mine wasn't even the very first 'adult in

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Oh to Be Done: Good and Bad News. · 8:17am Mar 2nd, 2014

Good news: Finally done.

I'm co-coordinating with my editor (who is - as always - the awesome Genjen) on getting it polished but I've finally hit on every part of what I wanted to hit on. And holy fuckballs is this thing big. It's the most massive chapter I've ever written on anything so far. It's still a far cry from certain other author's normal work but it is huge to me.

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Oh to be Followed: A Blog Update · 2:02am Dec 3rd, 2013

I've been keeping updates in my blog for a long time now and only when they removed the ability to mention stories did I know it wasn't working.

Silly me.

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ARGH COMPUTERS · 10:22pm Dec 1st, 2013

If I ever have to fix my computer again, I will slit my fucking wrists. God damn. $800 LATER and now it works. I shouldn't have to touch the fool thing again for five fucking years.

If you ever hear a 'pop' and your computer shuts down, pray that it's JUST the power supply. And don't get sucked into Black Friday as you run around trying to figure out just what went wrong. Good news is that I saved a good $200 because it happened on Black Friday. But still.

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Oh to be WHERE THE HELL IS IT MINALKRA? · 1:21am Oct 22nd, 2013


I'm alive!

Sooo, uhm, question. I have a 'chapter' written (i.e. 'a good stopping point with cliffhanger') but I figured I'd write past that and get to a more meaty section. You know, more stuff to read, more wait but also more ... stuff to read. Anyway. It's actually going along pretty well (it's crap but that's what second passes are for - plus Genjen, he's a REALLY swell guy) but I was curious.

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Oh to be Old Again: What They Know - regards to Interlude 5 · 3:59am Aug 26th, 2013

Ok, I know this is a long-running series and sometimes, things can get confusing. So I'ma lay it all out - this is what each character 'knows' from their point of view. So Twilight might be wrong about some things, Pinkie might be wrong about some things, Spring might be wrong about some things, and Bruce might be wrong about some things. They do not know what the others know.

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