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Oh to be WHERE THE HELL IS IT MINALKRA? · 1:21am Oct 22nd, 2013


I'm alive!

Sooo, uhm, question. I have a 'chapter' written (i.e. 'a good stopping point with cliffhanger') but I figured I'd write past that and get to a more meaty section. You know, more stuff to read, more wait but also more ... stuff to read. Anyway. It's actually going along pretty well (it's crap but that's what second passes are for - plus Genjen, he's a REALLY swell guy) but I was curious.

Are you guys sick of waiting? Should I cut this stupid thing in half (more like 1/4 post now, 3/4 post later) to get a chapter out or is this one of those things I should not worry about and just get on with it already? It'll be ... interesting. Taking fanon and turning it right on it's head because I'm like that. So, yeah. Kinda working on it as I type so no worries, just thought I'd stick the fact that 'I've actually got a chunk that could work as a chapter kinda-sorta ready' out there.


- I've written some things of a NSFW nature, haven't posted/published yet. One is done but I'm waiting a bit because reasons, one is still 'in the works,' and one will NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY OH MY GOD WHAT WAS I THINKING?! Not sure if I'll post them but the potential for NSFW stuff exists from me. Just giving y'all a heads up in case that matters - some REALLY don't like 'that sort of thing' and might want to flee.

- I have three (?) ideas knocking about of varying levels of complexity that might get worked on post-OtbOA (yes, we're actually getting into a situation where that story is running down holy hells). I'm kinda torn as to what to work on first so, uhm, stay tuned. No, four! Wait, five? Something, some number of things.

- Waiting with bated and baited breath for Season 4 to undo absolutely everything ever that I've done. That's also a thing. DEATH TO ALL HEAD CANON AND MAY THE FANFICS BURN! Wow, I am feeling slightly flippant today. Sorry y'all.

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I have a crap ton i favorite story that are incomplete. No-one is updateing, and you just waved a fresh roast turkey leg in front of a starving dog. I am a very patient person, i beleive so anyway, and am willing to wait for quality's sake. But your story is one of the more interesting ones im currently following so please update soon! Also, im right behind you in regards to season four, the hype is huge! :ajsmug:

Speaking for myself, go ahead and do it right. We've stuck with you this long. So a little bit more, to make it better, won't hurt.

Any idea when/if you're going to finish Sins of our Sisters?

Re: NSFW don't worry about that. I can't get online at work anyways. So go ahead and write what you want.

Season 4...
Needs more Trixie.....just sayin' :trixieshiftright:
They never give her or Luna enough air time. This is what happens when you let common ruffians run things.



Oh shit, I have that one too! That's so far down my 'list of unfinished shame' that I pretty much forgot about it! That's six!

Personally, I'm a fan of long chapters, so I can wait. It also gives me some time to start over from the beginning. OtbOA is one of my most favorite stories, and I'm glad you aren't letting it go unfinished.

As far as nsfw stuff, I'm a strong believer in not censoring yourself. As long as you mark it correctly, people who want to avoid it can. If someone decides to leave because of something like that, good riddance.


We can take turns! :trollestia: Mwuahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa... haaaaaaaa.

1441873 1441877
Hey, hey, hey, hey! My wife might have something to say about that ...

... she says 'Once they have that whole 'male pregnancy thing' down, you guys can work it out.'


Nice to know you are working on it, but I can wait. Waited longer for many other things and still waiting on some.

NSFW? ....You have my attention.

Lol well I for one am willing to wait, take your time. While getting a chapter then another in rapid secession is fun and all, full chapters make for better reading.


Silly Minalkra! Boys can't have babies. *falls over laughing*
Akumo!!! He's still fair game, Minalkra didn't say no!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA-!!!! :pinkiehappy:

Don't matter to me, just make sure it's done completely.

As your second sentence said; you're alive! Just keep the alive part going and making active progress every now and again and I don't see how anyone can complain. I'm sure we've all invested ourselves in hundreds of great stories where the authors burn out and it never gets finished. I swear, there is nothing worse than a great story that dies in its prime.

So my vote is that you do what feels best, don't stress about it, and give us new chapters when you think they're ready.

As far as the NSFW stuff goes. Some people will love it, some will hate it, but screw those guys, you can post what you want.

And as far as season 4 screwing us over, it's not like they're waiting. I mean, Spike apparently has wings now and the story behind Applejack's hat is that she, 'won it at a carnival.' Quite frankly I'm at the point where I just put my fingers in my ears and say "la la la," until they go away.


Sounds good. :yay:

I got $50- on the U.S. whooping them. We get a carrier group/missile ships there, it's all over man. Or just nuke them from space.

First we'll lull them into a false sense of security by having the French surrender to them. :pinkiehappy:


doomed to begin, doomed to quagmire and eventually doomed to end with nothing gained and everything lost.

I don't think either side 'won' per se.

LOL well more like a stream of conscious thoughts disguised as well formulated concise ideas. I say focus on OtbOA, and while your finishing it up, plan which story will work best for you. Your audience will adapt to what ever direction you go. I think you might be intimidated with the idea of NSFW content but dont be, we're mostly adults here and that what tags are for. If it's the fact that the idea of a NSFW piece is enticing you, think first and foremost ask your self, will this story be good stripped of all the gimmicks and gore... oh and most importantly will YOU enjoy writeing it. All else can come to you, if you ask the Internet what it wants from you you'd be liable to get "Your Soul" as an answer.


well more like a stream of conscious thoughts disguised as well formulated concise ideas

Explain please.


Ok sorry, first of my opening statement was in response to your blog post, in my sleep bleary eyes I failed to notice the link. Secondly while war epics are awesome, I'm a bit hesitant to get on board just because I kinda hate Lose/Lose stories that the measure of victory is hollow at best. Not saying it is but just from the description. That said I think its an awesome idea, I look forward to the political intrigue of both sides trying to sue for peace and failing miserably due to Military hardliners. Also just the US? Some how this has got to lead to world war 3, or some terrorist faction is some how involved. BRONY underground that sympathizes with the cute colorful ponies selling American secrets. OMG OMG OMG :rainbowkiss: :rainbowkiss: :rainbowkiss:
*ahem* Yes this idea is acceptable, what are your others?

The best thing is of course that you are satisfied with the chapter. If you feel thats its not really complete, then of course we, as your patient readers, can wait untill you feel thats its ready.

I am absolutely sick of waiting.

However, having said that, I've stuck with you and Bruce for almost a year, so you're not likely to get rid of me any time soon. Take as long as you need, I'll just be here, brewing myself into a perfect impatience coffee.


if we can force obamacare on them, we won.

1442330 I'm going to put this as poliely as possible... You are completely MENTAL! :pinkiecrazy:
I can't wait!:raritystarry:

The baking competition lasted for 3 years and destroyed approximately 5,000 kitchens. :pinkiecrazy:


A lot less interesting once you consider our nukes and the lack of consequences for using them in another dimension.

Holy Hells eh? Sounds like you need a good carpenter to fix them. . .


Aw man... those usually are the best ones!

That sounds terrible in the best of ways. I'm down to read it.

I don't mind waiting some more. Your story is worth the wait.:twilightsmile:

NSFW. I'm normally not into it but if you write it, I would give it a shot.:pinkiehappy:

A war like fic, huh. Yeah I could read one of those.

I'm actually more interested in the 'NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY' story. I have plenty of night equipment and am great at navigating long dark hallways of endless dungeons. I would love to take a peek at it. :raritystarry:

1443926 1443972
Nope, sorry. It was ... for a friend. Not that I'm unfamiliar (new favorite word!) with the subject matter but, well, it was for a singular individual so it contains things a bit more personal to that person. Sorry.


...I do not know how to feel about this.

Honestly, that's a tough question to answer. I mean, unless this chapter your working on is 10,000+ words, I probably won't read it anyways.
I figure that even if you post what you have sooner rather then later, it is still going to me months upon months before you complete, or even update, this story again. The wait between chapters is so long that I usually don't remember fully what happened previously and am slightly lost on the new chapter.
You should probably post what you have now and the rest later for those who will read this as you post so their memory isn't hazy, but I'll probably just reread the whole thing when it's done 5 years from now.
Good luck and happy writing.

I say just post it when you are ready. Take your time man. Enjoy the journey, and by enjoy I mean drive Bruce slowly insane with lace.:pinkiecrazy:

hsdfgsdfg I'm waiting.. so much.. all the wait! *flails broom stick*

eeeeeee I'm so excited : D

This is what I like to post to people who moan and complain about having to wait for something if they don't receive it immediately.

But that's mostly because they haven't had to wait more than a month for anything before being spoiled again with something else, but that's more or less my own personal belief.

So how is your head-cannon holding up?

100 % mostly.

I've always seen the 'War' that Celly and NMM had as a fight between the two of them rather than an actual civil war. While it might make sense to have the 'Lunar' Guard go after the 'Solar' Guard if it was Luna herself that went to war, I've always felt that the NMM transformation was an act of passion and desperation on Luna's part that left her no time to really formulate a plan past 'Kill Celly, night forever.' Thus, the fight rather than a war.

Discord is acting pretty damned spot-on for what I had him as. Obviously, mine's a bit more venomous towards Celly and the show-Discord is a bit more 'twist the rules' rather than 'skirt them' but overall, I like how they have him as an ally but not as a nice friend.

Losing the elements is, uhm, that'll take some thought. I have a plan to address that but it pulls the story into even more AU territory. I recently read about a thought that proximity allowed the Tree to last (it was right below the Castle of the Two Sisters and all) so I might adopt that one but if that just seems 'bleh' I have another plan that'll shake things more into perspective.

So far, some of the things that might have derailed my story haven't come to pass. Discord's origin hasn't been revealed, Celly and Lulu's origins haven't been revealed and what was shown hasn't adversely affected the story. So I'm all good!

I don't recall the elements ever coming up in your story. Bruce can assume they still have them and when he asks he'll just find out they're gone. Unless season 4 pulls some more shenanigans with the mystery box.

The episode is pretty telling of Luna's character. Her emotions sometimes just blind her judgement, which might be the case for Bruce's journey to the happy world of pastel ponies.

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