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I'm alive · 2:46am Aug 11th, 2015

I'm alive! I live! I exist in a physical sense of the word! Rejoice!

Who the hell are you and why am I getting this in my feed?

I ... what? I write stories, one about a blue colt guy stuck in Equestria ... ?

Blue colt - wait, that's not cancelled?

What, NO! No, I was having trouble and-

I thought I removed that from my bookshelf.

... anyway, I've actually solved a few things and have stuff to post as soon as I've run it by my editor - who is dealing with some things Eye-Are-Ell. I just wanted to let everyone know that I haven't stopped writing and now that I'm out of that black hole of inspiration that was Willy Wonka's Palace of Earthly Delight, things are approaching something that may or may not be construed as progress.

And that means?

... I have like four chapters in various stages of completion and am getting them ready to actually be posted.


... with a few caveats!

God you suck.

Shut up. Anyway, the few caveats: 1. My grandmother passed away Friday so I'm wavering between being really productive and not doing anything. 2. Nex-

Holy shit, man! I'm so sorry.

... thanks. But it was kinda expected (not a day and a half out of the hospital but expected nonetheless) so while it was a shock, it's better than having no warning. Kinda cold comfort but this isn't a 'Minalkra Pity Party Special.' Returning to normalcy is the best way for me to deal with it - hence the wavering between productive and not.

2. August 16th through the ... 21st or 22nd or something, I'm being sent to another state for training. I'm going to take a laptop but I don't know how productive I'll be in that time either. I think I might be super productive but maybe not.

3. Job is still busy as hell BUT we're getting to a less busy state soon so I might have more time to do hobbies instead of not. Or they might dump more on me, I dunno. Still, I'm getting used to the work load so I don't think it's going to negatively impact anything.

4. What I'm working on has rhyming in it and I suck at rhyming poetry. So that's going to be a thing. Please pardon the bad rhymes, I got no flow.

Do you have a schedule so I'm not surprised when I get a notification?

NOPE! I'm still flying by the seat of my pants. However, that leads me into how much more to expect out of this Frankenstein's Monster of a story.

We are coming up to the end-game of it all. That should be obvious once I start publishing chapters because Things and Stuff. We're going to get several big reveals and I'm going to try to tie everything together. I think I've got a solid feel for everything though and I think it'll wrap up cleanly.

I can't think of anything else I should mention though so feel free to ask questions and - so long as there are no spoilers - I'll try to answer as best I can.

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Endgame....? but like less then a week has passed in story time...


I'm sorry to hear about your grandma. Also I never lost hope about this story. It may have far too much fluff and it may not be perfect, but damn is it a fun read. I can't wait for more!

I hope Bruce stays in Equestria.

We'll, when you think about it, from what 'we' as the audience know, Celestia's sister is somehow tied into Bruce and it seems she's in some sort of peril (see Parabola Parable for some hints to that) - would she let such time pass when a family member is in danger? But don't worry, I can't spoil things for you but I don't think it's as 'endgame' as that word really sounds like.


Yeah, the most I've ever written for any one story. Having it just ... 'end' without some sort of conclusion just seems super cheap.

No spoilers, sorry!

Well, good to know progress is being made. Looking forward to more whenever it may come.

I never gave up faith! *hides the tears shed*

Yeah, warning does blunt the blow a bit. Doesn't make it any less painful, but it does help you prepare to deal with it. Unlike when my mother in law died 3 weeks after the wedding. Sudden and holy hades does that do a number on the marriage. Falling apart here.

You have deepest sympathies for your loss, even when it's expected it's hard. And wow, I just re-read your story a few days ago and now this post.

I have some poetry roots :V Not formal, mind you... but I can carry a rhyme with a fairly good flow, even if I don't know where the verses go, a poem is just a bunch of lines, set up so that they somehow rhyme, but seriously, let the flow come and go, and you'll have yerself a poem, yaknow?


Ah! Zombie!!!

It's cool. I'm not impatient.

... but I don't know how much longer Fluttershy can take it.


I'll comment on your drafts if that'll help get it out quicker. :trixieshiftleft:

I'll believe you're posting when you post chapters. Still, looking forward to it.

I missed you.


Now I just need V-Pony to get his act in gear

I knew if I poked it long enough it'd move at some point.

Welcome back and good luck.

I dunno. Was this story any good?

pleasing to see another left for dead fic start to wiggle again.

Being alive is my favorite state of being. Glad to hear you're still with us!

Eye-Are-Ell, the bureaucrat from the planet Krypton!

Awesome to see that one of the first stories I ever found in the fandom is still alive! Looking forward to reading more of Bruce's misadventures!

Hooray! You are alive!

For now.

Holy shit, a zombie!!!

'Hits with cricket bat'

Welcome back.

I have not forgotten your story, and have continued to "wait" for updates on it (as in, I would have noticed and remembered it if it appeared in my tracking box), although I did think you abandoned ship.

Glad to see you are back.

Hahahahahah it WORKED!!!
My electricity experiments paid off!
Now... hehe... we get to see MORE BRUCE!
Frankenstein joking aside, I'm sorry about your grandmother... I've went through the same thing with my great grandmother in my early teens, and I took it hard. She was a Great Grandmother both in family structure and in just being... a great grandmother. I'm certain your grandmother was great in that aspect as well, and compared to the way the world is now, both my great grandmother as well as your grandmother are in a far better place than they could ever be here, with the greedy people that use power and tax money to make everyone else poor as dirt and unable to take much care for themselves.
Don't take it too hard, unless you want to break down into a depression that changes you into a fraction of your former self, like it did me. After I went into depression over it, I had to build my personality back up from practically nothing.
But in the end I became a far stronger person, possibly because I wasn't the innocent until blinded kid that cringed in terror when his cousin stole a car in Grand Theft Auto. I went from that to barely flinching at an FNAF jumpscare.
Sorry for the wall of text, I suppose I'll stop now before I make any more. Stupid bad habits of mine that never die off...


Yeah, the most I've ever written for any one story. Having it just ... 'end' without some sort of conclusion just seems super cheap.

^Worst part about good stories: They End.
Though I suppose it is necessary.

One question though: Is there any link to Bruce's color scheme and Luna? They're both all blue (except for bruce's eyes). I can't help but wonder if he and Luna are accidently linked in some way.

I never gave up on you! Good to just hear from you again. ^_^

Hey, now that's great news. Good to know you're still at it! And I'm sorry about your grandma.

Don't have anything to say that might help with real life difficulties, unless moral support concerning your story helps. In which case: Your story rocks and I'm looking forward to more of it.

Dying to be old again! !

One and a half year later: Will this story ever be finished? Or am I damned to die without ever knowing? Not even Pinkie can tell! :pinkiecrazy:

Dude... you died again.

I... I'll wait. I can wait. Those three chapters must end up turning out really nice.

...Even if they don't, I'd still love to read them. I'll wait.


So, uh, are you alive again? :facehoof:

Please come back, we miss Bruce and his funny antics :(

So, alive?
I hope this fic doesn't fade into obscurity. Still, if you're not going to finish, at least set it to cancelled.
I realize that kinda sounds harsh, but I'd rather have the bandaid pulled off all at once than have it slowly torn off.
At least, if this isn't dead, a quick "Still alive" 2 word blog post would mean a lot to not just me but probably a lot others.

We're still here if you need us, though.

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