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Hey Bookshelves! · 7:09am Oct 10th, 2014

Hey! Bookshelves, that's cool. Now I can sort my stories out when I get a chance. Eventually. Awesome I guess.


And I even got a new notification. I wonder what it is. Let me just che-

... really?

This. This is going to be a thing for a while, isn't it?

ALSO! Thanks to knighty, I can now enjoy the smarmy, sarcastic wit of those that despise a story they are reading. I am ecstatic.

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Comments ( 15 )

The new system is pretty dang awesome for sure. Though, despite the cool look I think them bringing tracking back is my favorite aspect by far.

I love that I can track stuff without facing it. Lets me add another degree of hate/neutral/like/really like back... You know, since all we get are thumbs... And what's with thumbs? Shouldn't we have like a hooves up, hooves down thing. :twilightsheepish:

Don't worry, there's only a FEW stories I absolutely seethe at so much that I faved them just to track my hatred of them (in the hopes the story DOES eventually lead to glorious retribution against said hated thing). Now I don't have to even do that! Oh, and none of yours are on the prestigiously short list. :rainbowhuh:

I don't quite understand how all this new stuff works, but i'm liking it! :3

"The Guild of Authors Wanting to Punish Ponies For Their Happiness"? :rainbowhuh:

Well, where do I sign up, huh?? :ajbemused:

And that's why I set all my bookshelves to Private until I've sorted all that.

so let me get this straight....
it now informs you that...
someone has added your story to a group and....
when they have added it to a section of their library...
and what that section of their library is called?:applejackconfused:
oh... wow... i don't even... wow....

Heh. I can see my propane grill. :twilightsmile:

Hey, there's no such thing as bad attention :duck: These guys cared enough to add Oh To Be Old Again to non-stock bookshelves, didn't they?

stop drop and read yup thats mine

Only for bookshelves which are set to Public, not Private or Unlisted. From the default set, that's just the Favourites shelf.

Unfortunately, Public is the default for new bookshelves, except those created through the "Add to Bookshelves" popup, which defaults to Private.

Ha ha! I see my bookshelf in there. "The Best Stories on FiMFiction". Cool.

Golden Fluffle Puff Award! :3

The oh my gosh it updated shelf is mine! Haha. Sorry Minalkra

I'm not upset at it, it's just weird to suddenly see 20 notifications a day for a while.

Don't forget the sad feeling of going through some of your favorites, only to find the author hasn't logged on once this whole year...that sucked...

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