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And I swore I'd never do blogs ... ART CALL! · 10:28pm Nov 27th, 2012

Okay, I'm still working on OtbOA. Even now, I have the editing window open in another tab so don't get afraid.

But I've got a ton of 'outlined' projects I want to get to. The first one I think I'll try to finish needs cover art. Uhm, and it is also a horrible idea - just like the Bruce story was (essentially a half self-insert Brony in Equestria story). The story I want to write is, uhm ...

About religion. A real world religion.

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Oh to be Old Again · 4:10am Sep 14th, 2012

Ok, I've been getting PM's about when the next part of OtbOA is due so I figured I'd shoot ye old blog post out to give an update: it's being worked on.

That's ... that's about it.

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I hate Blog notices · 5:01am Aug 3rd, 2012

...so I'm not going to be doing these that often. However, something to note because I seem to have gotten a ton of followers:

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Gender tone in writing · 8:11am Jul 8th, 2012

Something I found a few years ago just popped on my radar. The Gender Genie is a website the purports to be able to tell the gender of the author based on a sample of their text. I stuck in my latest chapter of 'Oh to be Old Again' in idle curiosity.

Female. Huh. Chapter before that? Male. Let's see what it gives for a wider selection of my work (in chapter order):

'Oh to be Old Again;' Female, female, female, male, female.

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Question for Sins of our Sisters followers · 1:55am May 7th, 2012

Do you prefer more updates and shorter chapters or longer chapters and fewer updates? The reason I ask is that, looking around at the multitude of stories, I've realized that my chapters are, well, on the long-ish side of things. I actually prefer longer chapters with fewer updates as they tend to give more substantial story progress. However, I already have almost 3,000 words in chapter 3 and my perfectionism is rearing its many-headed form from the swamp of my subconscious. So would y'all

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Working · 5:14am Apr 5th, 2012

I don't really like blogs very much but I thought I'd let those who care know what's going on.

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i don't like the sad Fluttershy · 5:07am Mar 29th, 2012

so i will make a blog to make her happy again.

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