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Oh to be Old Again · 4:10am Sep 14th, 2012

Ok, I've been getting PM's about when the next part of OtbOA is due so I figured I'd shoot ye old blog post out to give an update: it's being worked on.

That's ... that's about it.

Uhm, so to fill space here's some more pertinent information! The way I write is I take a single scene (or a small cluster of them) and flesh out a bit of the dialogue. It usually never makes it fully in (additions, subtractions, revisions, etc. et al. ad nauseum) but it gives me a framework to 'hang' the story on. Then, I add description and reactions and actions and such on that dialogue frame. Very rarely, I have a scene fully formed in my head and write it out in total and it works (the first night in Ponyville scene was very much like that). That's rare though. not the best way of writing but it's a hobby. I ain't gotta be no none of them there pro-fes-sionals.

So, in relation to this next chapter. I'm having difficulty making the conversation not be boring as hell. Because it is. It's some really needed stuff about how Bruce fits into the Cake's lives and it's a bit overdue but it's boring as all get out. Not funny. I'm adding toilet humor to make it funny and that's, uh, really sad. Action humor didn't work because ... actually, I might make that work. At least break up the monotony of the blather. Hmm. Anyway, it might take a minute. I'm not saying a week and I'm really, really, really, really hoping it's out by or during this coming weekend but I can't promise a thing.

Also, I do not want this to turn into a slog. I have a plan now but I want to take Bruce on a swinging tour of a few pony families before the end. So that means that few (if any) adults will believe his story and he'll have to get used to being in Ponyville for now.

And I'm looking at over ... 50 chapters maybe? Yikes! It's a long one folks but I'm in it till the end even if that turns out to suck eggs.

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Comments ( 41 )

well. I lost the game... gonna read the blog post now...

oh you sunova

The game!?

Okay, actual comment: If you need to have an entire chapter of people being serious, then you need to. A comedy fic can't be comedy all the time.

Semper fidelis

I personally just can't wait until you put Bruce in school. I can just picture how Cheerilee would react!

It'll be done when it's done. I can back up that decision.

Ermagerd a hidden message! :pinkiegasp:

"The". The what? Oh what does it say? :rainbowkiss:

"The... game." ... :trixieshiftleft:

Dammit, I lost again!

Now was that really necessary?

Pretty much this. I've seen a few various comedy stuff get derailed by trying to be all the funny, all the time. You can't deny that there's some srs bsns in your story, and drama's always good for stories.


Well that was embarrassing. No, not loosing the game. Having to Google it first to find out I lost.:facehoof:

Okay, somepony explain The Game to me. I have only been a man of the internet for about a year and a half, so I don't know this shit yet.

Well, I wasn't directly thinking about it. I was just thinking about what it was, then about saying this. I'm thinking about closely related subjects, but not The Game its- fuck, I lost. Well, at least I stop losing when I forget it.

Hey author, Read the post I just linked again.

oh you suck I lost the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also I like Oh To Be Old Again.

:fluttercry: I HATE losing! :twilightangry2:

Son/person older than me,
Now is the best time to learn about Explosition, (r)Mann Co.
Context and an example linked here and in the pic.

Saxton Hale, away! :coolphoto:

YAY!!!! 50+ chapters!!! :pinkiehappy:
We'll be friends forever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and everrrrrr......

Dude, you seem to have got it figured out well enough, just let the characters do their thing and get out of their way; they'll take you where the story needs to go.

I was actually surprised and somewhat delighted when he wound up with the Cakes. I fully expected the Apples because that's kinda how I pictured my childhood and sent to a 'Boy's Ranch.'

Still, I do enjoy this story and look forward to more chapters as this story continues to get more interesting.:ajsmug:

I don't get it. Is "the game" a reference?

The game, I just lost. :unsuresweetie:

357620 - a comedy fic? I think TBOA is much more than just a comedy. It's more serious than a lot of fics I had the pleasure to read....
What does it mean? It means the story is as deep as a reader wants it to be - PERFECT! One cannot ask for a better thing in a story!


I don't see a link anywhere. What are you talking about?

That's...going to be somewhat painful to read, but regardless, it's an excellent idea.:pinkiehappy:

Silly fillies, it is impossible to lose The Game. As Rule #34 clearly states, if it exists there's porn of it, and since there is no porn of The Game, obviously it doesn't exist! :pinkiecrazy:

When Bruce gets forced into his own lacey socks and sattle, for whatever reason... school I guess?, I will be there...laughing and I will point at him and laugh somemore!

358044 He would then curse you out, thereby earning him another soap treatment. Poor guy, he just can't win.

He's too adorable to be allowed to win.
You'd think the twins would get jealous of the mysterious new colt taking away some of the attention from them and stuff.

358060:rainbowlaugh: You might be on to something.:rainbowhuh: The twins start causing trouble and start blaming Bruce. Sure, they act like they're all sweetness and light to the adults (Pinkie included?), but as soon as they turn their backs....s3.amazonaws.com/quotefully_production/photos/character/49ae3aa2bb6111e1b8c912313d1c2505_small and then they're all "He did it!" and point at Bruce.

That made my day~ and mow I picture the twins singing "We are siamese"

It'll get done when it gets done, I write the same way. (Well, except for the little bit about you actually having talent.) The fic I'm currently working on started out with just the scene from the first chapter/prologue. Then I had to figure out how the characters got to that scene. Now it's turning out to have more story surrounding it than I thought at first.

357980 I meant the author of the story. So he would reread your comment. Sorry, I posted it at 00:darkstupid so it may be less than understandable dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Sweetie_happy.png

i don't mind. i love the story and i am willing to read em as they come :twilightblush:

brilliance. absolute brilliance. i saw the red letters and IMMEDIATELY read them all. amazing. anyway, prop to you.

Ahh you fucker.

By god, your logic is flawless!


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