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Question for Sins of our Sisters followers · 1:55am May 7th, 2012

Do you prefer more updates and shorter chapters or longer chapters and fewer updates? The reason I ask is that, looking around at the multitude of stories, I've realized that my chapters are, well, on the long-ish side of things. I actually prefer longer chapters with fewer updates as they tend to give more substantial story progress. However, I already have almost 3,000 words in chapter 3 and my perfectionism is rearing its many-headed form from the swamp of my subconscious. So would y'all like similar-length chapters or shorter ones? I can't really promise they'd get out any quicker, though.

Also, I am still working on it. I'm just slow. Sorry.

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Comments ( 2 )

Don't be too concerned about your writing pace, everything's good enough :raritywink:

But if I could choose anything, the longer chapters and fewer updates sounds good to me :moustache:

hmmm, i don't suggest having any particular release schedule, unless you work well under pressure. i notice that when i don't tell myself
I'm GOING to do so much work by any particular point i actually do a lot more. i also get TERRIBLE writers block when i set said deadlines. hell, the last prokject i tried to set an amount ot how much work i did each week is still sitting at 4 Google Docs pages... 6 months later... and those 4 were done in a 2 night frenzy. so i suggest to simply tell us when new stuff is coming out, and when that happens, we'll be happy. that's probably why you're going so slow. give yourself time. hell, my current project is at 12 pages and I'm still going strong. i don't plan on publishing it either, so that's yet another weight off my shoulders. don't pressure yourself, I'm sure there are 20 other writers we can busy ourselves with while you create your most recent masterpiece. sorry about the block text, I'll stop now :pinkiehappy::derpytongue2:

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