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I hate Blog notices · 5:01am Aug 3rd, 2012

...so I'm not going to be doing these that often. However, something to note because I seem to have gotten a ton of followers:

Some of my stories will not be for general consumption. I don't actually write humor that often (though looking at it, I probably should) SO I thought I'd give y'all fair warning. Uhm, also I'm going to be adding a 'Story Shards' story here where I will post all the little bits that never quite made it past the concept/initial opening parts. SOME OF THESE WILL BE DISTURBING. Cupcakes will be looked at, uhm ... I've written some ... well, no, I won't post that. Maybe. Anyway, uhm ....

Well, that's it really. I have something like 30+ docs with pieces everywhere so this might take a bit of time/formatting. I'm in no way going to stop OtbOA (Oh to be Old Again) until I finish. I figure that's a good place to stop. Can't see going past that point anyway. And SooS (Sins of our Sisters) guys, uhm, hiatus status is probably coming for a little bit.


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:fluttershysad: no more "to be old again"? :fluttercry:

I'm in no way going to stop OtbOA until I finish.


no he said "I'm in no way going to stop OtbOA until I finish"
So we will get more :pinkiehappy:

266927 I meant for now, I know that it will be updated again in the future.........but i want it NOW :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:


As do I but good things are worth the wait are they not? ...
... alright we've waited long enough :derpytongue2:


I figure that's a good place to stop. Can't see going past that point anyway.

...umm, wtf? :rainbowhuh: If you've finished the story, how could you go past that point barring a sequel? :unsuresweetie:

Oh goodness no! No, I have 600+ words on the next chapter. It's my most popular story and I am a gigantic notification whore. I just figured it was time to put some things to rest and get some crap out of my 'To Do' bin. Like the Vietnam War/MLP crossover. And maybe the American McGee's Alice crossover. And get that stupid Cupcakes thing on here. And the few self-insert HiE crap ... actually, I might not post those. Every writer has one but, ergh, I don't think I should post those. But most of the other crap, sure.

That's the point? I thought it was funny to imply you could. Like the saying 'it's always in the last place you look.' Well DUH. Kinda silly to find what you were looking for and then keep searching. :twilightsheepish:

266936 Okay... I think I've gotten most of the subtle things in OtbOA, but that completely eluded me for whatever reason. Ah well, I'm just glad you're planning on chugging through the rest of it. :yay:

Hiatus? Of all the worst things that could happen this is THE... WORST... POSSIBLE... THING :raritycry:

Sins of Our Sisters hiatus, not OtbOA. If, uhm, that was unclear. I should probably stop ae b t c b r a.

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