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Working · 5:14am Apr 5th, 2012

I don't really like blogs very much but I thought I'd let those who care know what's going on.

I'm still working on SooS. It's a bit slow but it always is with me. It doesn't help that I'm also working on a Vietnam-MLP crossover, a way-too-emo story about Celestia, one of my many Cupcakes ideas and I also have an American McGee's Alice/MLP crossover in the works (on the back burner but it's still poking at my mind). Add to the fact I work full time, I'm married and I still try to play video games on the odd occasion and you have a perfect recipe for long waits between chapters.

I'm doing this blog as notice of fair warning. I don't update often and some people might not like long waits between chapters. I can understand and I don't look down at those who choose to unfollow or unfavorite. The two stories I've done since SooS started were either finished a while ago (Why?) or a short vignette (What would it really be like) and probably should not be taken as a sign of me giving up on any particular story nor as indicative of my future plans.

Thank you to any who have liked my work. Your responses are wonderful and help give me impetus to continue. Thank you to any who ever commented, your feedback is always and forever will be appreciated. I'm sorry I take so long. I try to make things as best I can and I lack any pre-readers, editors or anything like that. I try. I'm sorry.

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It's perfectly okay! Not everyone could easily spews out 6k words chapters everyweek :pinkiehappy:

Just pace yourself and don't push it too hard. Quality over quantity :ajsmug:

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