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  • A Voice Among the Strangers An unsuspecting girl finds herself in Equestria, thrust into a world she has no concept of. Unable to communicate with the inhabitants, how will she cope? by Tystarr 205,112 words · 26,343 views · 2,412 likes · 55 dislikes
  • My Sister Some things can never be said. Some things can only be held within the heart, to be spoken where only you may hear them. by Tystarr 2,393 words · 1,647 views · 142 likes · 1 dislikes
  • A Stranger Among the Voices The arrival of a strange creature sends ripples through the lives of several inhabitants within Equestria. by Tystarr 129,188 words · 30,334 views · 1,369 likes · 20 dislikes
  • Solitary Pinion In a strange world, in a strange body, Viktoria struggles to cope after encountering an unfamiliar mirror and what occurred afterwards. by Tystarr 38,160 words · 10,708 views · 852 likes · 11 dislikes

Progress · 7:19am

Hi everyone! I feel I owe an update of where I am at. ^-^;

I can't, at the moment, use MS Word, or otherwise, so am trying to get acquainted with google documents, to limited success. x.x;

I am writing though, and working on the next chapter of a Stranger Among the Voices. As always, that pesky starting point is what is frustrating me, but hopefully working though it. ^-^

I did, however, want to share something that meant a lot to me. I got an Xmas gift, as is something that happens over Xmas, funnily enough! But, this Xmas gift was something I didn't realise I needed, or wanted. Someone, or more accurately, a few people important to me, went ahead and created a physical copy of the first story I wrote.

I'll be the first to admit it's flawed in several areas, and I understand, and accept, people's critique of it.  It was my first story, but I also understand, for all its glaring flaws, a lot of people enjoyed it for what it is. I am really humbled by that fact, and am grateful for all the advise I have received, and hopefully used to improve with my other two work in progresses.

I've been told I'm hard on myself, and that when I feel bogged down, I'll abandon something I do because I feel I'm not good enough. Being who I am, not sure if it's true or not. Just that I know this was really special to me to receive. So... I guess I'm back into writing, because if people care enough to do this, I owe it to them to keep writing. ^-^

Also, it is made with A4 paper, printed on both sides, and surprisingly heavy. >.<

How did I ever write those many words? x.x

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ok girl  get to writing  you can do it !!!

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>>2365597 It's always the little gifts that have that effect. Good to hear you're still around. And I can't argue with that last bit. You really are too hard on yourself.

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Maybe! I don't know? ^-^;

To be fair, I had run out of steam again. But then, for Xmas, I actually got gifted 'A Voice Among the Strangers' printed into a book form. All pages, all printed so I had a physical copy of it.

The sheer gesture alone of it is staggering, and the personal message in the front was... well, it was needed I guess. I constantly devalue my own abilities, and feel I'm not very good. It's just kind of how I am, I guess. ^-^;

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Should I be worried that you've been offline for a month?

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I can't wait for the next update!

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