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Love is a drug. It's addicting, yet possibly harmful. It can fill you with ecstasy... but force harmful withdrawals when it ends.

It's also something that you can turn to when you have nowhere else to cry.


This is an extremely short one-shot type fic. Essentially, I wanted to try writing first person. The story began from a simple idea (a love letter), to this little creation that I am, in the end, happy with.

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The annual Ponyville Flea Market is going on, and Pinkie found a very interesting object; an attachable unicorn horn.

Assuming it's just a joke item, Pinkie buys it, hoping to use it as a method of making the Cakes' Twins laugh. But when she discovers that the horn is fully functional...

Can you honestly ever say you would trust Pinkie with Magic?

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Since Pinkie Pie was born, she had never been able to love anypony. It wasn't like she didnt like them, in fact, she was friends with just about everypony. She just isn't willing to go the extra mile to love, and wouldn't even know where to start...

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Rainbow Dash has a gift for Twilight. Remember when Twilight taught Rainbow Dash to love books? Rainbow dash plans on repaying the favor by getting Twilight to like a sport.

While it begins as a matter of just 'Making Rainbow Dash happy', after seeing how truly competitive the dueling club is, will Twilights competitive side come out to defend her pride?

(NOTE: Slight amount of inspiration from the Dueling Club in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, but this is not a crossover)

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