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About The Episode "Bats!"... · 12:50am Sep 27th, 2014

To be honest, I don't want to blame any of the writers for this episode, but am I the only one who noticed the many similarities with the 2005 movie "Wallace and Gromit: The Curse Of The Were Rabbit"?
I mean, think about this:

-Both this movie and this MLP-Episode set up with lots of pests
(In MLP it's the bats and in Wallace and Gromit it's the rabbits)
-One character has a giant version of what the respective pests eat growing for an upcoming competition.

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Oh my goodness im SO sorry for letting you wait for almost two damn weeks!i haven't been on my pc for a while. Oh, and thanks for favoring my story. I promise i will not give up on this story! i got WAY too many ideas. it.So hang on, i'll do my best

686453 D'aww, that form's almost TOO cute for a for a world full of badasses like in One Piece. Well, maybe hence i began my crossover story here :3 if he wasn't in the one-piece-universe, and it would be my choice in which series he would appear from now on, my first choice would definately be MLP. (I wouldn't care for the hate i would get for that, an official FluttershyxChopper would be worth the price anyways^^)

686120 It's hard for me to pick a specific order for all the other points, but my favorite would definitely be Guard Point.

670026 SUGOI!! Would be hilarious if he could use the attack "Scope" in it. Or, even better, if he would be a helicopter instead XD (they're also called chopper)! Also may i ask, from fan-to-fan, what is your favorite out of all of Chopper-san's transformation points? Mine would be in a top nine(from least to best):
-Number 9: Guard Point. Fluffy and cute x3
-Number 8: Kung Fu Point. Not really one of my favorites :/
-Number 7: Brain Point. Not much to say. He's cute and all, but not the ultimate best.
(Now the ones that i totally like)
-Number 6: Heavy Point. Damn, he got big after two years O.o
-Number 5: Horn Point. The new one as well as the old one. While the old one looked just badass and monstrous, the new one looks way more dynamic. I love 'em equally :)
-Number 4: Monster Point. Awesome! Just awesome! I kind of miss how he always got out of control back then, though. But well, we haven't seen what happens if he eats three RB's after two years ;)
-Number 3: Jumping Point. Choppers most acrobatic form really attracted me cause you can really see the mix of human and reindeer in it.
-Number 2: Arm Point. Possibly Chopper's strongest form after Monster Point. Love how he looks and his cherry-blossom-themed attacks. KOKUTEI ROSEO!
-Number 1: Walk Point. Always loved that form even before timeskip... but after it... i was like... HOLY SHI* HE'S SO AWESOME!
Number 1 and 2 often switch in my opinion xD

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