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A certain princess needs to take a retreat from the castle, and seeks out the comfort of her favorite local spot. While relaxing, she comes across the opportunity of a lifetime.

Cover credit goes to ShyShyOctavia! It's a great image, check out their deviantart!

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It's been two months since Twilight and Big Macintosh started dating, and what a wonderful two months it's been. As their relationship blooms, Twilight finds out through Applejack that not all of the Apple family may be keen on a relationship that includes one of their own kin, and a unicorn. Worried about their future together, Twilight asks Big Macintosh for the biggest favor she can think of...to visit his entire family, and see if they can't break old traditions.

This is the sequel to Sparkling Cider, my first fan-fiction. It isn't necessary to have read Sparkling Cider to understand Old Traditions, but it certainly wouldn't hurt!

Credit for the cover image goes to ode2sokka on deviantart. It's an amazing image!

Thanks to all my followers who have been waiting for the sequel, you guys rock!

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Twilight rushes home one evening due to a horribly embarrassing event that has just transpired in her life. When Spike finally gets her to talk about it, she tells him of her newly found crush, and how she may have messed up any chance she had at a relationship. With the advice from her number one assistant and friend Applejack, can Twilight fix what happened and get a second chance with her crush?

First fanfic I've written, and a one shot at that. A sequel is in the works if this goes over well!

Credit for the image goes to cartoonlion on deviantart.


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