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After a month of being in the dragon kingdom of Draconia, Spike has decided to go back to Ponyville. He has changed a lot since he left the first time, and that is easily noticeable. That, however, will not stop him from living his life again. But of course, there will be some changes.

A sequel of another story of mine, 'True Origins'. Sorry about the description, I couldn't think of something better. This story takes place after the end of Season 2 but before Season 3.

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Many years before Twilight Sparkle was even born, a baby filly was left at the door of Canterlot Castle. Seeing this as her only opportunity of being a mother, Princess Celestia decides to take care of the orphan. When the filly gets seriously ill, Celestia will do everything to cure her, no matter the cost.


Just my headcanon of how Cadance was born. Cover image is not mine, I found it in DeviantArt.

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After the Changelings were defeated, the wedding would continue as if nothing had happened. However, Cadance is still restless. As she is about to spend the rest of her life with Shining Armor, she has one last thing to do before embracing her new life. She has to tell Twilight her most deep secret: That Shining Armor was not Cadance's first love.

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After his adventures in the Great Dragon Migration, Spike receives a letter from Princess Celestia, telling him that she could know who he really is. However, once in Canterlot, he discovers more than he expected: he is, in fact, Ka-Hurr, the prince of the Dragon Kingdom of Draconia, lost many years ago. He now goes to his homeland to learn more about his people, but that won't be the only thing that happens with his return.

There will be some Skyrim references, like the mention of Alduin and the Dragonborn, but it won't be a Skyrim crossover.

Since I couldn't find a good Draconic translator, italics will be used to replace it, think that every moment that a character speaks and the text is in italics, he is speaking in Draconic.

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