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Many years before Twilight Sparkle was even born, a baby filly was left at the door of Canterlot Castle. Seeing this as her only opportunity of being a mother, Princess Celestia decides to take care of the orphan. When the filly gets seriously ill, Celestia will do everything to cure her, no matter the cost.


Just my headcanon of how Cadance was born. Cover image is not mine, I found it in DeviantArt.

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aww cute story :twilightsmile:

That is a sweet and touching story. :fluttershysad:

Pretty good, I always hated it that they never bothered to give any explanation for anything for cadance in the show, and 944150 that picture is fantastic and fitting

Beautiful :raritystarry:

How does someone almost burst into tears while listening to "Warriors of the World"? Read up to and including “Mo-Mommy.”. It's that easy.

Well... that is certainly better some of the explanations I've seen about Cadence being an Alicorn. This is well done my friend, well done in deed.

My reaction before reading: :pinkiehappy: This is going to be a cool story!

My reaction after: :fluttercry:

The filly had her eyes half closed, and yet she raised her hooves to hug her mother’s muzzle. "Mo-Mommy.” She finally said weakly, before falling asleep.

‘Her first words. She called me Mommy.’


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