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I live in the US, I write stories that deal with standing in difficult times. I also am an amature war historian with some strong beliefs about history. Discord: https://discord.gg/8CcteCH

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Adventure, mayhem, magic of unknown origins. Oh, and talking ponies. These are the strange events that have brought three friends together into the wildest holiday that anyone could imagine.

It starts as a small Halloween chat, where they showcase their costume designs to one another. However, due to events outside of their control, they soon find themselves in a new land during a turbulent time.

Now trapped in a case of mistaken identity, these friends find themselves thrown into the deep end, when a royal wedding they’re asked to assist with is suddenly interrupted, and the three of them soon find themselves on an extended holiday from any sense of reality they ever knew.

We now have our own An Extended Holiday TVTropes Page:
A big thank you to wille179 for setting it up.
A/N: Now I would like you all to know first of all, this is a collaborative work between myself and some friends. So if you enjoyed this, why not stop by and say hello to the other three writers of this story. I have included their links at the bottom here.
Team Extended Holiday
American Brony - Writer
Teal Speckles - Writer
Shawn820 - Writer
OmniKitsune - Writer/Head Editor
Biker Dash - Editor

Big thanks to Shawn820 for the great cover art.
WARNING: There are spoilers in the comments. Read the comments at your own risk. By all means, please add to the discussions.

Chapters (185)

When a group of mages gather to set in motion their own events, they find a creature of grey.

When Nightmare Moon was cleansed, it was not defeated, only sealed away in the armor that was ruined in the cleansing power of the Elements of Harmony. With the help of a group of Mages she now plans to conquer not just Equestria, but also the world that a new creature she pulled in to help her as well.

There is just one small problem to that plan. The Spell misfired, she got the creature she wanted, but it had the gumption to exercise free-will and follow his own morals, it doesn't help that he has vanished. After all, how can one hide A Human in a world of Ponies? What is a nightmare to do?

Chapters (22)