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Just a Transwoman fanfic writer with weird kinks and a NSFW mind at times


This is a compiliation of different stories that revolve around friendship and what it means to others.

Please enjoy the stories that you read

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Pinkamena isn't really pinkie pie in her usual state of mind and really isn't herself.

Find out in this story of this story to find out

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Emerald Mist goes around and starts playing with dark magic,
But it catches up with her and consumes her.

She tries to reverse what she had done but it was too late.

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This story is a bendy and the ink machine videogame crossover within the grimdark world of the Rainbow Factory fanfic!

Scootaloo comes to terms with her newfound life outside of the Rainbow Factory with Rainbow Dash! After 30 years of working at the Rainbow Factory and breaking ties with her once favourite and 20% cooler blue pony, Scootaloo recieves a letter from Rainbow Dash,her former boss and employer, has invited her to come back to the Rainbow Factory! Scootaloo begins to notice weird things happening around her while she's living in Rainbow Dash's House in cloudsdale which is right next or not close to the old abandoned Factory! Was Rainbow Dash really the one that sent that letter, or was it a prank? Only Scootaloo knows the answer to this. So strap yourselves in, this is one helluva ride!


May contain grimdark material from the original fanfic, blood and Gore, Batim references, and cute but bloody ponies!
Also may have guest stars of the following Batim characters:
1.Bendy(not ink bendy)
2. Alice Angel
3.Boris the wolf
4. Sammy Lawrence
5.Alice(not Alice Angel)
Also may contain special MLP oc appearances by:
1. Mystic Skies
2. Jasper pie
4. GameDestroyer
5. Wuten
Grimdark characters will also make a special appearance as listed below:
1. Pinkamena Diane Pie
2.lil miss Rarity (Possible)
3. Discorded derpy(She has murderous intentions just like the Grimdark fanfic Muffins)

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Pinkamena Diane Pie is at her place on Sugar-Cube Corner when A blue stallion with a spikey brown mane and a 115 number cutie mark on his flank walks into her place. The hunt was on! This fanfic is a Grimdark Story. So it is pretty bloody and gory. But its got a hint of romance in it. So enjoy!

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Im a brony, a fan of MLP FIM. I heard of this game on Youtube and i wanted to see what would happen if i played the game with my favorite blue rainbow colored mane and 20 Percent Cooler mare, Rainbow Dash. I was shocked and horrified of what i saw.
The screams and cries of Twilight, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Apple Jack, Still haunts my dreams and my reality.

Because Rainbow wants to Play with me......FOREVER!

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Mystic skies is enjoying his day off in ponyville, when he sees the mane 6. You as the reader will follow in his hoofsteps to enjoy his day off

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