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I love a good fan-fic once in a while, if anyone asks by the way, Scootaloo is best pony, just sayin'.

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My name is Strum Heartstrings, adopted son of two fillyfoolers, who are great; I've had my eye on a certain mare in my class since I arrived in Ponyville. That mare's name is Sweetie Belle, I think I love her, only... It's complicated.

NOTE: Set in Adolescence, ie. High School for the CMC

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*Based on a dream I once had, no joke, only this time, I don't wake up in my bed. "I feel like there's someone out there, someone just like me, maybe in another dimension, maybe their life is better, or could it be worse? I wish I could know, well, it's a wish, and it's based on hope. The least I can do is hope... Right? What if we switched lives? Maybe not the last one, but oh boy... How I wish."

NOTE: Please incapacitate any and all Grammar Nazi's before reading; I'm talking to YOU TundraStanza!

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