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I love a good fan-fic once in a while, if anyone asks by the way, Scootaloo is best pony, just sayin'.


Pushing Posies · 11:50am Apr 1st, 2013

My first Grimdark

Considering Fimfiction has changed quite a bit since my last story, Pushing Posies hasn't recieved much attention. Regardless, I'm happy with how I did it. I'll try to spread it about the Internet o3o

EDIT: I'm a moron, the story was posted at 3:34 AM no wonder it was a bust XD

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Updates and Holidays · 2:35pm Dec 1st, 2012

Complicated received interesting feedback; half was negative, and have was positive. More over I'm glad more than some enjoyed and I'll continue writing it soon!
As for Our Connection, I have no idea when I'll be able to squeeze it in, I have Art Projects to work on, and in two weeks I'll be going to Boston, Massachusetts for Christmas.

What are you celebrating? Expecting any cool gifts? I'm getting a Portal Gun :D
Have a nice day~

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Our Connection update incoming~ · 1:56am Nov 6th, 2012

In a slow process of updating the next chapter, it's fun writing this one.
Except there was an issue, somepony broke the 4th wall while my dear narrator was trying to narrate! And by somepony, I mean two someponies.

Expect slight humor, or large if you prefer to ensue, oh they It'll tug at your feels, just a warning.

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Guess what? · 10:46pm Oct 10th, 2012

I'm in the mood to write.

"Write what Rusty?"

Well I'll tell you, I'm writing another chapter for Our Connection!

I'm in a good mood, have some Scootaloo.

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RIP: Influence updates, important. · 6:57pm Sep 24th, 2012

To mark the day, last night my mother passed away </3 , I am a bit blue, but Pinkie Pie cheered me up with the smile song <3

This is important because it will severely influence both our lovely Bro pony Rustyloo is Our Connection towards the feeling of never having a mother ( we weren't close )
and our Equine Games protagonist Rusty Black, for the feeling of the death of his mother after he was born.

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Herp derp herp derp · 10:41pm Sep 16th, 2012

To brighten your day <3

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Attention! Important! · 1:42am Sep 16th, 2012

For those of you that actually read this, I've updated the story's previous chapters, so it's advised to -reread it, I've fixed some things and added minor things, so please do so!

Anyways I'm back! What's it been? A month? I'm sorry.. But hey! I'm writing chapter 5 at this moment! Yay! Update coming soon guys, be ready~

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I don't know. · 1:04am Aug 15th, 2012

I have no idea when next update is, I'm having serious personal problems as of now, so please be patient. <3

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Lucky you! · 9:52pm Aug 8th, 2012

To my lovely new followers, lucky you, I'm gonna tell you something to think over in relevance to Our Connection it's a quote, and who ever guesses who it's by first receives metaphorical brownie points, good for you.

Here's the Quote: "Imagination is more important than knowledge"

No hints! I love this quote, we may "know" Equestria isn't "real" (air quotes) but with imagination, we can go there whenever we want.

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