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I love a good fan-fic once in a while, if anyone asks by the way, Scootaloo is best pony, just sayin'.


My name is Strum Heartstrings, adopted son of two fillyfoolers, who are great; I've had my eye on a certain mare in my class since I arrived in Ponyville. That mare's name is Sweetie Belle, I think I love her, only... It's complicated.

NOTE: Set in Adolescence, ie. High School for the CMC

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Hmmmmmmmm...... i like it!

Where to begin.
It's paced too fast and I had trouble following it, for starters...you dumped way too much information on us in the beginning and your storytelling is a tad disjointed.
I spotted multiple grammatical and spelling errors, which could be easily fixed by a prereader...but honestly, it's not that bad.
And I'm so sorry, but it's more than a bit of a cliche.
BorderlineDepressedNerd! with StrangeBestFriend! loves PopularGirl! who's dating JerkJock! And eventually wins her over. Kudos for having Strum be Bon Bon and Lyra's adopted son, I rather like that, and at the moment--he doesn't strike me as too much of a Gary Stu. But watch yourself, and I would advise revising the storyline.

(This is a fraction of what I wanted to say, and what should be said. I apologize for that, I just wanted to work fast before the flames come rolling in.)

Interesting to say least, although watch out how you end what the characters are saying. There wasnt many other than that alround good. Look forward to more.

I would love to see how this turns out, keep working on it.

I will, but not too soon. :fluttershysad: I have Christmas gifts to make :trollestia:1751362

Snazzy story, I'ma give you 15 bro points, use 'em well! :moustache:

I'll cherish them always :yay:1884185

Comment posted by Sharky deleted Jan 26th, 2013

Ssshhhhhh :trollestia: Kidding, I completely forgot about that song :twilightoops: Oh well, I suppose now it serves as inspiration. :rainbowwild:2025096

I thought it would make a nice addition to the later chapter if that song was either worked into the story or just played the videos pic isnt that bad either kinda captures the moment

That's an excellent idea :twilightsmile:2028784

Thanks ime full of them let me know if you want some help with the fight scene i have a few ideas that you might like aswell as some banter

Well okay, you'll have to message me as I don't want spoilers if I add them in.2043336

That was the plan all along i never leave suggestions in a comment takes all the fun out of it

love it need the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

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