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I'll be getting angry letters for this one...

Two brothers some how wake up in the land of magic and ponies. But these aren't you're average brothers, these are two bonified gangstas. This is the tale of Mo' Kong and Rex Abbadon. With the help of various characters from our beloved show these two "men" begin to live and learn in a place they want nothing to do with. Through perilous adventures and wacky antics Mo' and Rex might just learn the Magic of Friendship and perhaps they'll just find their way home in the process.

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Something odd has appeared in Equestria. Deep in the Everfree forest there is some sort of magic at work. It started as a small glow but has now grown in size to what looks like a magical tear in mid-air. Zecora was the first to find this magical oddity and reported it to Princess Celestia herself. When the Princess and her Royal Guards arrived the Tear had doubled in it's reported size and Zecora is no where to be found. Desperate for answers the Princess has called in her star pupil, Twilight Sparkle, to investigate the Tear and find out what exactly is on the other side...

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