by DudeBroBrony

Chaptah 1: Enter the Brothahz

Chaptah 1: Enter the Brothaz

Written by: Dude Bro Brony


"Mo! Mo! Wake da fuck up!"

That voice, it sounded familiar to Mo. His eyes began to flutter open at the sound of the voice. It was his brother, it had to be. With a shake of his head Mo opened his eyes fully and looked up at his brother Rex.

"Da fucks goin' on here man?"

Rex looked down at Mo stretching out his head to help his brother to his feet. He had no idea what was going on, it just so happened that he woke up first.

"I don't know Mo. Looks like sum sort of library or some shit."

"Library? Nigga we don't go to no library!"

Ignoring the last comment Rex began to take in his surroundings more fully. There were shelves upon shelves of books. Hard wood floor, a few doors around them that were curiously small compared to regular doors. Of course with Rex's height most doors would seem pretty small. While he had a lanky and thin frame Rex stood at about 6'7 without shoes. His height alone had caused much unwanted attention while growing up. Everyone always things if they took down the biggest guy around they'd become king. But Rex had never been beaten.

"Look at them doors. It's like a midget library."

"If it's a midget library why 'dem shelves so high?"

Mo countered Rex's argument by pointing out the height in the room. It was true, the place was filled to the brim with books stacking well over Rex's head and miles over Mo's head. Compared to his brother Mo was pretty short just breaking the six foot barrier. But when it come to muscle mass and weight Mo was an amazing specimen. Back home (which could be dimensions away) Mo was always at the gym. It was more than just a hobby it was going to be Mo's ticket out of the hood.

"You remembah anything befo' we got here?"

"Nah man, the last thing I remembah is-"

Mo's response was quickly cut off by Rex's hand covering Mo's mouth. With a hand gesture Rex told Mo to be quiet before pointing at the door. Sounds were coming from behind the door and the nob slowly began to turn. With hushed swearing Mo and Rex dashed off in opposite directions for a hiding spot. Rex was quickly able to find a crevace in between two of the book shelves out of sight. Mo however was less subtle than his brother and pushed down a shelf of book to the floor before laying down on the shelf next to the door. He'd be out of immediate sight, but it wouldn't be long before somthing like that went unnoticed.

"Come on Spike, hurry! I want to get those new books organized before di- Woah!"

As the purple unicorn entered her library home she tripped over one of her own books that had been tossed onto the floor.

"That's odd. Why is this book on the floor? And this one? And this one?"

With each new book she found Twilight raised them into the air with her levatation magic. Spike waddled in from behind with a stack of fresh new books.

"Aww man! I just cleaned that floor!"

Disgruntled, Spike went to go place the new books on a nearby table.


Until of course Mo jumped out from his hiding place on the adjacent bookshelf and blindly dog pilled on the source of all the noise. When he hit Spike he seemed shocked at the size of his target. Maybe this was a midget library. Until he got off the baby dragon raising a cocked fist into the air. He stopped in shock just starring at the purple and green scaled monster. The two of them looked at eachother with curiousity until Spike broke the silence.



Hearing Spike talk made Mo freak out, jumping back from Spike by nearly a foot. Mo rushed back against the wall in fear.

"This purple thing can muthah fuckin' talk! It talks!!!"

All the comotion immeditatly caught the attention of Twilight Sparkle. The worried unicorn rushed forward placing herself between the intruder and Spike protecting her companion.

"Who are you!? What do you want!? You'll never get my books!!!"

Mo was once again frozen in fear. Now there was a talking purple horse thing. This had to be the absolute worst acid trip ever.

"Woah, chill out horsey, it's cool."

Stepping out from his hiding place Rex entered the fray. Both his hands were raised slightly into the air showing Twilight he didn't mean any harm. With his calm voice and gestures Twilight began to show some ease, but with a creature of his height coming forward she kept up her guard.

"Who are you two?"

Twilight cocked her head back in curiosity awaiting their answer.

"My name's Rex Abbadon, this is my brother, Mo Kong."

Despite their unpresidented apperance they did seem to look alike. He could belive these two were brothers, but there were still more questions.

"What are you two doing in my house?"

"We got no idea Miss. Horsey. Me and Mo just woke up here in yo library. All we wanna do is go back home on Thrasher street and we'll be cool."

Despite the strange man's accent Twilight was able to pick up on what Rex was laying down. But she had never heard of this 'Thrasher street' and had never seen creatures like them before. She wasn't sure where these people were from and if they even could get back.

"Do you know how to get back home? I mean, you're obvious not around from here and I've never seen anything like you two in Equestria before."

"Yo, da fucks an Equestria?"

Twilight just gives a blank stare at Mo's question. Now she knows that these two boys are a long, long, long way from home.

"The only thing I can think to do is ask Princess Celestia about this. If there's anyone that can tell you who or where you're from, it's her. But I can't just sneak you all the way to Canterlot. Hmmm...WAIT! I got it. You two stay right there and don't touch anything!"

With a newfound excitement Twilight ran off into another room. Meanwhile Mo and Rex waited in the main enterance to the library under the careful watch of Spike. The two of them just looked at eachother then back to the litte purple lizard thing watching them. While Rex waited patiently Mo began touching one of the books on the shelf in bordem.

"Hey! Twilight told you not to touch anything!"

Mo jumped back again and stopped touching the book. The fact that thing kept talking to him spooked him out more than the talky horse.

"Chill out little nigga. Dayum. This is fucking gay."

"Shut the fuck up Mo. If that purple horse can get just the fuck out of here I don't give a shit how gay it is."

"...So, by that logic you'd suck the little dude's dick to get home?"


"You're saying you would suck that little purple lizard's dick to go home. I mean you said you don't care how gay, whatevah floats yo boat."

"Mo, shut the fuck up!"

Rex gave Mo a good smack on the head for that one. Spike meanwhile just stares at the two men in confusion. He has NO idea what they're talking about. All he can do now is wait for Twilight to come to his rescue.

"Ha! Found it!"

With that Twilight would rush back into the room with a smile on her face. A book came floating along with her resting on the floor. Rex took a peek inside the book trying to read it to no avail. Mo starting touching things again.

"Okay, so we can't have you two just walking around all willy nilly, but I might be able to disguise you two as ponies so we-"

"NO! No way! I ain't getting in no horse costume with this nigga!"

Mo's interuption was quickly put down by Rex's fist.

"Whatcho mean by disguse?"

Clearing her throat Twilight would continue.

"As I was saying, using this spell I can turn the two of you into ponies. I'm not sure how long it'll last, but it should last long enough until we can see the Princess."

Rex raises his eyebrow at one word in particular.

"Spell? Like magic?"

"Well, duh. Now stand still."

Twilight took a stiff from and lowered here head towards the two brothers. Her horn began to glow with pink magic growing more and more powerful. Slowly the magical pink aura began to envelop the two brothers. Slowly they began to levitate in the air. Rex remained calm while Mo's began to panic. In a flash of light purple light the brother were gone. In their place stood two ponies. The first one, Rex Abbadon, was a tall grey unicorn with dark blue dreadlocks on his head on tail. A pair of gold aviator glasess laid upon his face with his soul patch remaining on his chin. The second, Mo Kong, was a stocky dark blue pegasus. A large frame, but still shorter than his brother. A shaggy head of dark brown hair covered his head and tail with an occasional streak of dark green. The two human brothers were no more, now these two pony brothers were left.

"Am...am I a horse?"


"Thats even gayer!"

Once again Mo began to freak out. Taking a moment to get used to his hooves Mo starts galavanting around. Until of course he feels his wings spring into action as he takes flight. His panic becomes excitment as he begins to fly around the library in circles. The wind he's creating begins throwing books of the shelves much to Spike and Twilight's dismay. Using her magic Twilight forces Mo kong back to the ground.

"Come on you two! We don't have time to waste. We have to go see the Princess!"

With a slight grimace on his face Mo complies to Twilight's demand and follws her and Rex out the door. As they tail behind her Rex and Mo begin taking in the sights of Ponyville. They're getting some odd looks from the townsfolk as they head off to the train station but so far they seem to be in the clear.

"Hey, Rex. What'd she call dis place again?"


"Aw yeah! Now we're N.I.E.!"


"Niggaz in Equestria!"

Rex pauses for a moment placing his hoof on his face.

"Mo, shut the fuck up."

To Be Continued...