• Published 25th Jun 2012
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N.I.E. - DudeBroBrony

A tale of 2 bros who end up in Equestria. But these 2 aren't just your average joe. They're gangstas

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Chaptah 3: The Great White Hope

Chaptah 3: The Great White Hope

By: Dude Bro Brony


Rex and Mo continued to laugh in their respective cells. Perhaps they were laughing at how ridiculous things had gotten, or at the fact that no matter what world they were in they ended up behind bars. Either way the two brothers just kept on laughing at the situation they were now stuck in. Waking up in a midget library, meeting Purple Talky Horse, and beating down some rich asshole pony. Good times.

"Get up you two!"

One of the armored guards steps forward as he barks the orders to Rex and Mo. A second armored guard comes around the corner and begins to unlock their cells.

"I don't know how, but it looks like someone from up top is pulling strings for you colts."

The head guard doesn't seem happy about letting these two crooks out of their cells, but he doesn't have much of a choice. Rex and Mo just smile at each other assuming Purple Talky Horse scrounged up enough coin to bail them out. It wouldn't be the first time they've been bailed out and it certainly wouldn't be the last. Two more guards would enter and begin escorting the two out of the holding cells and into what looked like the interior of the castle they saw from the train ride to Canterlot. Large white pillars, royal red carpet, the fanciest of the fancy. While Rex looked on impressed at the visuals and architecture Mo began gawking at all the royal artifacts and other shiney objects. The guards led them up to an extremely large door. THe guards used their magic to open the grand door revealing a long red carpet leading up to a large throne at the end of the room. Twilight Sparkle and her brother Shining Armor stood at the side of the throne. On the throne itself stood the regal Princess Celestia.

"Whose dat?"

"Gotta be that Princess we heard 'bout."

As Mo and Rex looked at the Princess in awe the guards began to lead them deeper into the throne room escorting them both to the Princess herself. Mo, like usual, was the first to start making comments of the ruler of Equestria.

"Course the leader of all the ponyfolks gotta be some big white chick. Where all the black ponies at?"

"Mo shut the fuck up. I've been seein green and blue ponies here too. I don't think they have black and white here."

"...Still pretty fucked up."

Rex would give Mo a good his in his side as they approched the Princess. As Celestia looked down at the two colts her eyes narrowed in a mixture of curiosity and pity. Wherever these ponies came from they knew nothing of this world of magic and friendship. They way they acted and talked she summized they came from a much darker place than Equestria. But that wasn't her main concern right now, Twilight still had quite a bit of explaining to do.

"Twilight Sparkle, I've done as you requested by releasing your...'friends'. Now tell me exactly who they are and what they are doing here?"

The purple unicorn was so nervous she began to tremble. With a large deep breath she began to explain everything.

"I went out with Spike to buy some new book for the Library and when I got back these two were in my house. They were tall dark bipedial creatures and I didn't know what to do so I used a spell to temporaritly make them ponies so I could take them to Canterlot so I could tell you and figure out what to do and then we got seperated and they caused a ruckus and-"

Twilight's rambling was quickly cut off by Celestia gently placing her hoof over her students mouth. She obtained the information she needed on these two that she needed. Where ever these two were from it was somewhere far, far away. It would take much time and research to figure out exactly where they had come from and hoiw to send them back. Much more time than she had inbetween her royal duties. With a slight pause Celestia averted her eyes and looked down at the two colts before her.

"State your names please."

Mo and Rex looked at eachother nervously with Mo motioning his head for Rex to go first. Despite their attitude around other ponies they could tell that Princess Celestia was pretty serious buisness.

"My name is Rex Abbadon."

"I'm Mo Kong."

Celestia would rise from her throne and step forward. While Mo was above average in height and Rex well above Mo they still were dwarfed by Celestia's height and precense.

"Rex Abbadon, Mo Kong, until we can find a way to send you back to your home I shall allow you both to remain in Equestria. However, given your recent crimes in Canterlot I simply cannot allow you both to roam free. Will are hereby put under probation. You two are not to leave Ponyville where you will be kept under close watch by my student Twilight Sparkle. Once a week you will be required to write a full report to me personally of your status in Ponyville. If you two can behave yourselves there's a chance your sentence may be diminished. Until then you will remain in Ponyville. Understood?"

Both Rex and Mo just nodded at the Princess acknoledging what she had said. They both had plenty of arguments against this probation but neither of them were willing to speak out against Celestia.

"Good. Now I'll need you both to stand still for a moment. While my student's initial transformation spell was indeed powerful it was only a short term solution. With my magic your form will become permanent until we can send you back home."

Like good little ponies Rex and Mo stood absolutely still allowing the Princess to work her magic. Litterally. Her large elegant horn began to glow with a golden magic that wrapped around the two brothers. Just like before, with a flash of light purple, the two brothers stood as two colts. They had so many questions and qualms but they both knew that right now this was the best solution for everypony.

"Twilight, I've set up a home for Rex and Mo back in Ponyville. I entrust you with the task of keeping them out of mischeif."

With a graceful bow Twilight accepts her newfound duties.

"Of course your majesty."

With a soft smile Celestia would turn away and exit the throne room with Shining Armor. The three ponies remained in the throne room for a short while before heading out once more.

"So, Purple Talky Ho- er, I mean Twilight Sparkle, what do we do now?"

Twilight pauses for a moment before responding to Rex's question.

"I'm not exactly sure. Celestia sais she arranged a house for you both, but you'd still need jobs, and you both don't have your Cutey Marks."

Mo just stopped when he heard that last word. First came a small giggle he tried to hold back, but he quickly errupted in all out laughter.

"Pffft! Cutey Mark!? Thats the gayest thing I've ever heard!"

Even Rex was trying to hold back his laughter, but he was much more successful than his brother.

"What's a, hehehe, 'Cutey Mark'."

Twilight stopped for a moment and turned her body around to show her six pointed star cutey mark. A symbol of her magical prowess.

"This is a Cutey Mark. It represents each pony's special talent, they're true calling in life. I find it strange that you both don't already have yours. You seemed like adults in your original forms."

That last bit was a tad insulting to Mo and Rex. They were full grown adults! They could buy alcohol and everything!

"Whatevah, we can get our Ass Tats easy!"

"Ass Tats?"

Mo's new name for Cutey Mark took Twilight by surprise.

"Yeah, Ass Tat. Sounds a lot better than Cutey Mark."

Normally Twilight would've just sighed and kept walking, but she was slowly begining to understand these two new strange friends of hers. For the first time she actuall giggled at one of their remarks.

"Come on you two let's get back home. We have a lot of setting up to do before Pinkie Pie decides to throw you a welcome party."

"Party! I heard dat! Let's go!"

With a newfound excitement Mo dashed off toward the train station with a smile on his face. He loved to party, especially with some 80 proof cider. Rex smilled at his brother as he flew off before looking at Twilight taking off his shades reveal deep brown eyes.

"Thanks Twilight. I don't know what would've happened if we had ended up somewhere else. You saved our asses."

"Don't mention it Rex. It was nothing, really."

Twilight would give a nod before picking up the pace to keep up with Mo who had taken quite the lead on them. Rex started to pick up the oace as well before being distracted. With his shades off he caught the starring eyes of the white unicorn from earlier. With their eyes locked Rex opened his kouth to say something before yet again being inturupted by his brother.

"Hurry up you lazy ass nigga!"

Reluctantly Rex looked away from the white unicorn and begna to ctach up with Twilight and Mo.

"Shut the fuck up Mo!"

To Be Continued...