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Twilight Sparkle, newly crowned Princess of Friendship, is faced with a new problem- A physical fight has broken out between some tourists in the Ponyville market square! It's time for Twilight to test her mettle... Or is it?

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He was a hero to some, a villain to others... and wherever he roamed, ponies spoke his name in whispers. He had no friends, this Hex, but he did have two companions: one was death itself... the other, the acrid smell of ozone...

A Jonah Hex crossover, in the sense that the character is, and always has been, a pony.

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An alternate take on the ending of Episode 24: Owl's Well that Ends Well

Driven away from home by jealousy and loneliness, Spike finds himself in the cave of a rather large dragon. However, instead of attacking, the great beast takes him under his wing, teaching him to become a proper, vicious dragon, filling the emptiness left by his friends with rage. But, when Spike's small size and immaturity take him to the brink of frustration, the magical alternative his new "friend" proposes could change the course of his life forever.

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