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When Misty returns to Maretime Bay to upset Pipp's Nightmare Night Party, she runs into a certain somepony she "fit in" with for a bit...

Sex tag for innuendos and references to "The Act"

Written for Equimorto for Jinglemas 2022

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When Fluttershy is going through her attic, she discovers a photo of her deceased father. Unfortunately for her, that wasn't all she found...

Written as an entry to the SPOOK Contest held by The Reviewer's Mansion.

Written back in 8th grade as a group project. I give credit to my friends Lila, Bailey, and Clover as co-writers. I went back after we finished it and made more edits, which is this edition. I should note the original story was human with different characters, but this is a ponied version for it. Thanks for reading!

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This is an anthology of horsewords that involve horses. If that isn't obvious, then what the heck is wrong with you?

Will be updated whenever I write another short story

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Sunny and her father were incredibly close. They spent ages playing and enjoying one another. But, when a crowd of fools enrages a stubborn Argyle, Sunny's life changes forever.

Part of the Argyleverse

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Ah, Hearts and Hooves Day. A time where couples spend the day together, whiling away their worries and cares and basking in each other's presences. Cadance, however, feeds on this day, feeling the love throughout Equestria. And thus, her power grows... a lot.

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