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Sprout Cloverleaf has fallen from his one time, lofty and cushy job and secure financial future to become perhaps thee most despised pony in all of Equestria. As Hitch Trailblaizer's deputy and the defacto CEO of Canterlogic Inc. once his mother stepped down from the position, Sprout had a future any pony would've envied. But, in the blink of an eye, he threw away his whole life over baseless fears and bigotry.

Sprout now must face the consequences of his actions, face an uncertain future where everything he took for granted is gone and must learn to rebuild a life for himself. With help from some old friends and from a few new ones he will meet along the way, he will face many challenges and heartbreak in the quest to reclaim his life. Will he make the right choice(s) when pressed, or will he fall back on old habits that ruined his life before and could very well ruin him again.

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Hitch Trailblazer makes a Leap of Faith in the My Little Pony; A new Generation movie to go with Sunny Starscout and her new unicorn and pegisus pony friends to bring the magic back to Equestria after many centuries of absence. But his moment of joining with his foal-hood friend was not spontaneous, there was a moment where the seed of his belief in Sunny's dream had to come from. This is an idea of where it might have come from....

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Silverstream and Gallus get the chance of a lifetime when Rainbow Dash asks them to participate in the Wonderbolt Academy trials after two of her three recruits call out sick. Stuck in a situation of her own making, the Wonderbolt team member tries to impress upon her fellow team members and Commander Spitfire the idea of having both Hippogriffs and Griffons as part of the trials as a positive thing. Despite some ponies feeling otherwise about 'outsiders' interloping in their traditions, Silverstream and Gallus will do all they can to show that the skies for flying are not mutually exclusive to just pegasus ponies or that ponies alone know how to be 'crazy awesome, totally amazing' flyers.

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Princess Twilight is throwing a party for her family, friends and their families too at the Castle of Friendship for Hearth's Warming. She and Pinkie have been planning this celebration for a number of moons; getting everypony on the guest list committed to being there. This will be the first time they will all be together under one roof with their families; a tradition Twilight would like very much to continue.

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