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Good day from all of my husky brethren at Alhuska. I'm a chipper and analytic dude who spends much of his time writing and building games. However, college and work are getting in the way, BIG time.

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2294278 your very welcome! And I'm a fan of Eclipse too, Typervader let me use her in my story!

2294220 It certainly did! Stardust will make a fine addition to the team I have assembled here (I had no doubt of that from the beginning). To say the least, Stardust and Eclipse are my favorite two of them all. So much creativity, so much raw genius!

Thank you so much, again, for letting me use Stardust in my story!

2284567 I'm able to tell you more about gypsy magic now! So yeah. Here.

Where was I... I think her father gave her the orb, well! Thats where I'll start!

(...somehow it worked...)

She would go to the library every week and find as many books on the subject as possible, there were many stories detailing the fact that it was fake, but she wouldn't believe it. She focused more on the small group of books that believed it was real, than the larger group that said it was fake.

She would practice her magic everyday, learning new spells and trances from her books, which made her a bit like Twilight. There would be spells about defense, which she took a liking to, and spells about fortunes and destinies.

When she was around age ten, she was playing by the Everfree with a couple butterflies, when she smelled something awful. (She hadn't heard about Timberwolves yet, so she didn't know about their breath, or that as long as they don't see you, you're fine) She tried to investigate what the smell was, but a Timberwolf leaped out of the forest before she could find out what it was. She tried to run but the Timberwolf leaped on top of her, making her unable to move. (She didn't go anywhere without her orb) She thought fast and used a spell to push the Timberwolf back, allowing her to run away. That's when she earned her cutie mark, when she used her spell to defend herself.

(I'm making a time skip to when she's older and more around age 19-20)

After Stardust moved out, she used her orb to open up a fortune telling service in town, but she needed permission from Mayor Mare first. She was able to open up her shop (tent), but she had to pay a monthly fee.

She didn't get many costumers, which meant she didn't earn very much money. She only had enough to pay for food and shelter, and the rest went to the Mayor, allowing her to have her service. After about a year, she was growing tired of the same routine everyday, she seeked excitement, and adventure, so when she heard about the openings for Cailiber's Party (see the story) she didn't hesitate to try out.

Now just for the magic:derpytongue2:

*A green mist that sprays out of the orb, that distracts the enemy, allowing her to make her move. (She only uses this as a last resort)

*A fortune telling spell that tells three paths of the client. For example:

Rainbow Spectrum walked in the sorceress's tent, not knowing what would become of her. She looked around at the small space filled with all sorts at machines and elixirs, wondering what they could do. The air in the tent was hot and thick, and was also chock full of dust. She began to admire some of the potions sitting on the ground, but was stopped when a voice emerged from the darkness.

"Sit down."

Not knowing what else to do, she took a seat at one of the small pillows in front of the table, silently breathing.

She was taken by surprise as a navy purple pony with loose navy blue hair was revealed by the light of a small glass orb, "What do you want to know?"

Rainbow looked around, trying to find an answer she wished she had, "I'm not sure, I've just been feeling a little, unsure, lately"

"I see. I shall do my best." The mysterious pony began to move her hooves about, her eyes closed all the while. A sparkling green aura could be seen from within the orb, and it began to flow outward, moving in sync with her hooves. The mist began to form a picture of two ponies waking side by side holding hooves.

Rainbow broke into a sweat, her face turning a light green from the aura. She stared at the picture blinking a couple times to make sure that was what she was seeing. She sighed a sigh of relief when the picture vanished, but turned into another.

This time it was a picture of the same to ponies arguing, flailing their hooves in the air. "What am I?" Rainbow said, looking at the picture. Rainbow pointed her hoof to the door, and the other pony in the picture stomped out.

"I see you are distressed." Said the gypsy.

"I-I didn't..."

The gypsy nodded her head, "That is not the last thing that could become of you, there is still one more path you seek."

The smoke formed into a final picture of Rainbow, lying on the ground and crying, while the other was on top of her and screaming in her face. It took a while to process this (again) and she looked at the gypsy.

"Only one of these paths will come true, but I hope I was of assistance."

Rainbow nodded, "You were. Thanks for the help," she turned towards the tent door but stopped, "what's your name?"

"Stardust. My name is Stardust."

Just an example and now for more spells!

*The mist can come out of the orb and surround the enemy and kinda tie them down like rope.

I didn't want her to be overpowered, so these spells only work like 6/10 percent of the time, I hope this cleared some things up!

2284567 I have no read the story yet

2284470 Well, I do have one more question; however, it's not about this site.
Have you read my story so far? If so, what do you think of it?

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