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Misty Green

Good day from all of my husky brethren at Alhuska. I'm a chipper and analytic dude who spends much of his time writing and building games. However, college and work are getting in the way, BIG time.


ARITD Update 1 · 11:40pm Sep 21st, 2016

I began work on chapter 5 last weekend. I am still working on it, just so everyone knows and so no one thinks I simply dropped my project entirely. Work and college are making it difficult to find time to write so ya'll will have to bear with me here.

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Story Teaser #1 · 1:06am Sep 6th, 2016

Data Swift trotted into the dark room. He had been in every other part of the building, so the pony he was looking for had to be here. To his dismay, all he found was a single crumbled note on the floor. Could she really have wrote it though?

"Oh how the sun burns my eyes. I can feel the light piercing through those so called windows, withering away at what lay beneath. The pain is constant; the affects, demoralizing. A constant reminder of where I've come from.

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