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I'm not really a brony so to speak, but I wanted to write a story I had in my mind. That's all.

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When Rainbow Dash, Sonic and a handful of others are transported to another, barren world, they must go travel through the history of the ponies adventures in Equestria, from their past, present, and even their future, with the help of a filly Rainbow Dash along the way.
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An accident back on his world has landed Sonic in another world. Now he and his friends must find a way home while meeting a collection of ponies along the way and dealing with enemies old and new and stop an ancient evil awakening once more.
Story is complete.

PLEASE READ: This is an old story. Since then, my writing abilities have improved. Please try to ignore any old grammar or spelling mistakes. This story is in the process of being re-written. Chapters may be shorter or longer with info added or removed, so if things don't make sense, bare with me.
I recommend you read only the updated chapters for now. Check back later for updates.
If a chapter has "Old" next to it, it's still in it's original version. Bare with anything that doesn't make sense or anything silly.
If the chapter has nothing next to the title, then it's an updated chapter.
If the chapter has "New" next to it, then it's an entirely new piece of content.
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