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I'm not really a brony so to speak, but I wanted to write a story I had in my mind. That's all.


An accident back on his world has landed Sonic in another world. Now he and his friends must find a way home while meeting a collection of ponies along the way and dealing with enemies old and new and stop an ancient evil awakening once more.
Story is complete.

PLEASE READ: This is an old story. Since then, my writing abilities have improved. Please try to ignore any old grammar or spelling mistakes. This story is in the process of being re-written. Chapters may be shorter or longer with info added or removed, so if things don't make sense, bare with me.
I recommend you read only the updated chapters for now. Check back later for updates.
If a chapter has "Old" next to it, it's still in it's original version. Bare with anything that doesn't make sense or anything silly.
If the chapter has nothing next to the title, then it's an updated chapter.
If the chapter has "New" next to it, then it's an entirely new piece of content.
New cover image belongs to http://fantasiia.deviantart.com/

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You didn't actually get anything wrong with the ponies, quite good.

soam moar? :unsuresweetie:

You may not be a brony alright but you got your facts straight. Continue this story its really good.

Eventually. The next chapter will be from another perspective, at the moment when Sonic woke up.

nice, hope to see more soon

Please continue this fic. It's great so far! :moustache:

Hm. I'm actually interested in this, being in the process of writing a Sonic crossover myself. Let's just see where this goes, shall we...?

Hmm.. that last line seems foreshadowing things.. :unsuresweetie: am i right? :ajsmug:

Believe in Myself and Throw It All Away.
Those are two pretty major hints as to who is gonna be in it.

"I'M REAL, YOU CRAZY PONY!!" she exclaimed back to her. you doe mean : he exclaimed ,and in the letter to the princess you wrote pegasus wrong, and another two :He doesn't know exactly he got hear, its he doesnt know exactly HOW he got HERE.

and might i say, it would really surprise me if Eggman would also show up there, but it would surely be fun to read

460965are you going to correct the others aswell?

I knew I should have proof-read this more carefully. Grammar and spelling were never really my strong points.

This is epic. I'm such a Sonic fanboy at heart so I get all of this. I also read it in his voice. The Jason Griffith voice. I love the cleverly titled chapter name and you just told me who's gonna be in the next chapter! *fanboy squeal* :rainbowkiss:

"he saw various animals in perfect harmony animals." Wait, what?


""I'm Shadow the Hedgehog, and you'd best be careful. I might not be around next time. Fluttershy was puzzled." Wait... doesn't that need an ending quote?

also again,

"She took notice of the metal shoes in its feet," In it's feet? Ouch, that must hurt!

Last thing,

"My name is Fluttershy. May i ask what is yours?" Capitalize that "i" please. That's all for now I think. Still diggin the story, but I don't mind waiting for longer chapters. Take your time to try to get 3,000 word chapters at a time. I speak hypocritically of course. I could never do such a thing. I'm just suggesting this for you. :pinkiehappy: Keep up the good work!

damn, fluttershy is bad ass:flutterrage:

Changes have been made. Thank you.

The ending was a little rushed and wasn't proof read. Any errors will be fixed tomorrow.

"Tears were streaming down her face she was laughing so heard." Heard. *sigh* Not worth yelling over. I take this stuff way too seriously so... I kinda... Wait... What's that?

"...trying to to give away that the 'hedgehog' was a little bugger that she thought." How did this even happen!? Augh! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Okay. *pant* I think you meant, *pant* "...trying not to give away that the 'hedgehog' was a little bigger than she thought."

There. I think that's all.

I have to say that I'm entertained by this story. Sonic and ponies together in a story? I never would've thunk it, but here it is. Can't wait to see more!

Next Chapter's title will be "Stars don't twinkle, the Moon doesn't shine" It will introduce a new mysterious character, who unlike Shadow, will not be revealed till later. I also deliberately made the title un-linked to the character.

Might have dropped one too many hints as to who the mystery character is but meh :scootangel:
Slightly shorter but it was going to be a short one anyway. Next chapter will reveal more as to how Sonic got there, another character reveal, and a 'meeting' of sorts. :pinkiehappy:

Condense...I like the idea, its not horrible. But please take the time to condense this all into...2 chapters.

Chapter 1 and 2 have been merged into one.

Actually yes. Longer chapters are okay. If it means we only get an update once a week with more than 5,000 words that's fine.

I don't really write long chapters. I have some difficulty writing long chapters. But I'll try.

Everything you have now? It can be one Chapter. Its alright if you aren't good with longer chapters. Just do what you have been doing by writing a little everyday, and when you hit a high number like 3-5000 then post it here.

Rouge... Get yo' ass outta here!

xD Nice story still, it always grabs me and reels me in. :rainbowkiss:

Sorry but I'm not gonna do that. I like to update frequently. But If some chapters are too short, I will merge them, like I did with Chapter 1 and 2.
Rouge you say? :trollestia:

474965 Gem hunter.... Fangs... White.... Hurdur it muts b Knukels!

I'll leave you to look over it a bit more closely....

*doesn't read the word "rectangular"*
*reads "rectangular"*
Ohh... Well I feel amazing now. :rainbowlaugh:

Want to know how the next chapter will turn out like? Here's a clue...

512521oh nice, so a little like in the game i suppose?

I might edit this, as in change the ending. Also, I promise that more focus will be on the ponies next chapter. I feel like this is turning into a Sonic fanfic rather than a pony one. :derpyderp2:


How did i not see metal rainbow dash coming... :ajbemused: i even saw a picture of metal rainbow dash :ajsleepy:

Well, maybe....:ajsmug:
Anyway, the next chapter will be called "Endless Possibility" and will begin a subplot in the story. Featuring 3 famous little fillies as they follow the main group to Speed Highway.

Judging by the fact Eggman built a pony,
*slams fists on table, followed by close up on determined eyes*
EGGMAN IS A HARDCORE BRONY!!! *points finger*

Feces hath now becometh reality.

518389 In other words, shit just got real.

Not rushed at all, and interesting new picture.

I don't know if this is a good idea, but I kinda want to reveal some things, not directly of course.

In the following video are 4 musical clips. They provide little hints as to where the story is going in many ways.

While they can mean anything it must be said they contain massive spoilers.

View at your own risk....

I thought it was Blaze looking for the Sol Emeralds.


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