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Spirit Of Fantasy

Hi, what's up guys. This is Spirit of fantasy. I'm here to write and give a good story to all my followers out there. Please show the Spirit some love and he will give love back

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A power struggle between two royal sisters of a magical land of Equestria, and a master of nightmares from Tartarus, fight over the life of a rare breed of human that died out in Equestria long before the ponies became the sentient beings of the world. Their struggle has now lead to a battle through the dark ones realm of twisted nightmares that will test the love and wits between the two sisters and the human. As they impersonate to plushies of night and day to give him hope and the light he needs to battle the darkness

(Inspired by Among The Sleep)

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Born from a loving mother and conceived by a legendary and powerful unicorn. Young Heavy Weight grows ever so stronger himself as he befriends Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor. Growing up by their side as he is taken through a world of magic, drama, love and pain. While under the care of princess Celestia, who will do anything to control his growing magical power.

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