The Tale Of Heavy Weight

by Spirit Of Fantasy

Chapter 6:A shocking Visit To The Doctor

Chapter 6:A shocking Visit To The Doctor

Celestia's sun was rising over the mountain as a new day was beginning for the wondrous city of Canterlot, but for Golden Heart, the day started even quicker for her. After last night's scare, she felt a little on edge and knew that she needed help, but she needed to keep her activity a secret, last thing she needed was Heavy Weight knowing anything about this.

Golden Heart was now in the kitchen making cereal for both her and Heavy so they could both eat quickly before going out, her hoof trembled a bit as she gently poured some cereal into Heavy's bowl. She still felt a bit shaken up from last night, but continued to try to shake off the fear as she levitated the milk out of the fridge and quickly poured some milk into each bowl.

As she levitated the milk back into the fridge, she tried to let out a deep breathe to calm herself, but every time she would try to breath, her breathing became strange and irregular. She quickly ignored the weird breathing and quickly levitated both bowls over to the table and sat there quietly waiting for Heavy Weight to come down for breakfast.

She didn't have to wait long before she could hear her sons tiny hooves clopping as he raced down the stairs, as Heavy suddenly jumped into view, Golden Heart let out a deep sigh and smiled to her son who was smiling right back.

"Good morning Heavy, did you sleep well last night?"Golden Heart asked as Heavy hopped up onto his seat.

"I sure did, but I never thought I would see you up early mom."Heavy said as he dug into his cereal.

"Yes well... I know how you are when I'm not up when you get up. So I decided to try and give being an early bird a try."Golden Heart said as she slowly ate her cereal.

"So... Do you really think I did good last night?"Heavy asked with each bite he took.

"I think you did wonderful Heavy, I have noticed however that you may be developing your father's big temper, oh how I remember how hard he came down on the guards every time they messed something up, I thought they would never stop shaking."Golden Heart said as she slowly bit down on more cereal.

"Oh... I'm sorry mom."Heavy said with some sincerity

"It's alright Heavy, If anything it was your father's temper that also pushed him to do great things in his life."Golden Heart said with a light chuckle

Suddenly Golden Heart felt her stomach getting tight again, she felt her heart jump, but did her best as she pulled a fore arm over her mouth and began coughing hard into her fore arm. As Heavy got done with his cereal, he couldn't but noticed Golden Heart coughing and felt a little bit worried inside, he watched as Golden Heart started to cease her coughing and take deep and strange breathes that worried him a little bit more.

"Mom...? Are you feeling okay?"Heavy said with pleading eyes.

"Oh...! I... I'm just feeling a little under the weather sweetie, It's nothing to worry about,"Golden Heart said as she suddenly made Heavy's school materials appear,"Now then, It's about time you got to school don't you think?"

"Oh my gosh you're right,"Heavy said as they looked to a clock,"I'm going to be late for school!"

Heavy quickly jumped off his seat and levitated all his school materials onto his back, he then quickly gave his mother a quick kiss on the cheek before swinging the door open and quickly rushing out to go to school. The door slowly closed behind him leaving his mother to let out a sigh of relief before suddenly coughing and spitting out blood onto the table.

She panicked as she quickly levitated a large amount of napkins over and frantically began wiping up all the blood, she felt her mind racing and filling with fear as she roughly wiped away all the traces of her blood. She then quickly wiped her mouth off and threw the napkins away before going as far as to make the trash can disappear, she felt her heart pounding against her chest as she quickly rushed over to a coat rack in the living room and picked up her old brown cloak. She quickly threw the cloak on and rushed to the door with only one thing that was on her mind.

"I can't ignore this! I have to see doctor Hoover!"She said to herself as she opened the door and departed for the hospital.

Golden Heart now found herself speed walking up the streets of the city, she did her best to keep her face hidden and ignore any patrons on the road to avoid any unnecessary confrontation. It didn't take her long before she was passing the familiar sight of a Pegasus and Earth pony stallions hard at work on their recently repaired concession stands, the minute they looked up from their stands they saw Golden Heart and began glaring at her.

She did her best not to look at them and began picking up the pace just to get away from them, but her chance was quickly thwarted when she was suddenly stopped by the Pegasus who had taken off and landed right in front of her, blocking her path completely.

"And exactly where do you think your going little Miss?!"The Pegasus said as he threw back her hood and revealing her face to them.

"Look... I don't want any trouble, I just want to continue on with my day, If it was something that my son did I apologize, but I really need to be leaving...!"Golden Heart said while backing up before suddenly being stopped by the Earth pony that stood right behind her.

"I don't think you'll be leaving any time soon...!"The earth pony growled as he shoved Golden Heart into the Pegasus.

The Pegasus then grabbed her by her cloak and held her as he stared right into her eyes with burning fury in his eyes, the earth pony had also walked closer and pressed his chest up against Golden Heart's flank to make absolutely no means of escape.

"You...! And your son have caused us nothing but trouble and bits to fix our stands that your child has destroyed time and time again! So unless you want something to happen to your son next time we see him, you better have some money to pay for the damages!"The Pegasus warned as he tightened his grip on Golden Heart.

"You... You wouldn't dare!"Golden Heart said in disbelief.

"Just try us Miss! You think repairs are expensive, try hospital bills for colts that are now vegetables!"The Earth pony suddenly threaten.

Golden Heart let out a horrified gas as her blood suddenly felt ice cold, these stallions were threatening to hurt her child, a child that she could never be more proud and happy to have as a son. She felt her fear start to fade and was instantly replaced with anger as well as disgust in thought of stallions actually bringing harm to a colt... Especially her colt.

Golden Heart then shocked both of them by suddenly rearing back her head and headbutting the Pegasus right in the fore head, the force of the head butt dazed the stallion as he stumbled back and fell onto his back. The Earth pony quickly snapped out of his shock and went to strike Golden Heart in the head, but was then quickly bucked in the jaw and sent flying back about ten feet before crashing down on his back.

Golden Heart let out an angry snort at both stallions as they struggled to get back up, they already had scratches on them now and the Pegasus now had a big bruise forming on his fore head, they both growled at her before slowly advancing towards her.

"Don't even think about it! You stallions dare to threaten the well being of my son! IF YOU TWO THINK THAT I WOULD EVER LET ANYTHING HAPPEN TO MY HEAVY WEIGHT! YOU ARE BOTH SURELY MISTAKEN!"Golden Heart suddenly roared as the stallions began charging at her.

Golden Heart let out a frustrated sigh and shook her head in disappointment as she lit up horn, she quickly surrounded her self in a dark blue magical orb before her eyes started to glow white. It was in that moment that in a big bright flash of light, Golden Heart had teleported away just as the stallion's were about to throw some hard right hoofs at her, but she was gone before they could touch her. The stallions had once again found themselves in a losing battle with momentum and struck each other in the jaws with their hooves, knocking each other out and laying in a small pile unconscious while ponies around them began laughing at them.

Meanwhile Golden Heart traveled through a tunnel of magic before suddenly reappearing far away from that little issue, she let out another snort of anger before letting the rest of her fury out in one big deep breathe. She shook her head and looked up to see herself now in front of the Canterlot hospital, she nodded before slowly departing inside the place that she remember all too well as the place that became the birth place of her son.

She quietly entered the hospital and took a good look around the hospital lobby, there were a few sick or injured ponies waiting to be attended to, but even so, the place appeared to be quiet. It was then that Golden Heart could see a brown stallion with a chocolate brown mane and tail standing by the elevator in a white doctors outfit while talking to a familiar mare nurse. She gasped with excitement as she recognized both the doctor and the nurse right away and quickly rushed over to them.

"Doctor Hoover...! Nurse Red Cross...! Oh thank Celestia I found you!"Golden Heart called out getting the doctor and nurse's attention.

"Ah...! Miss Golden Heart, It is always a pleasure to see you, forgive me for this but I was a bit worried myself when I read the letter you had sent me last night."Doctor Hoover said with a comforting smile.

"So you did get my letter...! Thank Equestria for that, you have to understand that I fear this could be serious and I'm worried,"Golden Heart said in a slight shaky voice.

"Alright then, just try to collect your thoughts and follow me and nurse Red Cross, and we'll discuss the matter."Doctor Hoover said as him and nurse Red Cross walked down the hall with Golden Heart right by their side.

Golden Heart still felt fear growing within her, she felt very uneasy as her legs shook in response with her fear, Doctor Hoover noticed this and offered her a hoof, but she politely declined and let out a sigh to calm her spirits. Nurse Red Cross started to feel a little worried for Golden Heart, she felt like Golden Heart was some how a good friend of hers and wanted the best for her friend, but she chose not speak.

"So Miss Golden Heart, would you like to start off by explaining the symptoms you've been having?"Doctor Hoover asked as they walked through the endless hall way.

"Oh... Yes of course, It all started this morning, I felt weak and I started to breath very strangely, that's when I decided to lay down and take a nap, I thought that would make me feel better."Golden Heart explained as she felt her breathing becoming irregular as she spoke.

"I see... And did it help at all?"Nurse Red Cross asked as she was given a file of Golden Heart's medical records by doctor Hoover.

"No... Last night it happened again and... I was coughing up blood and I could barely breath, I didn't want Heavy to know so I wiped up the blood and kept it to myself.,"Golden Heart explained again as she tried to slow her breathing.

"Mmm hmm... And It appears you are struggling to breath right now."Doctor Hoover pointed out as they approached a room.

"I... Yes doctor, please... I'm very worried about this doctor Hoover...!"Golden Heart begged as tears threatened to leave her eyes.

"I understand Miss Golden Heart, you have every right to be worried, but do not fear, we will get to the bottom of this in no time,"Doctor Hoover said as he opened the door to a room with a regular patients bed and many different machines,"Now then... If you would sit up on the patient's bed, we will get started immediately."

Golden Heart felt very nervous about this, she felt her legs shaking telling her to back away, but she knew she had to get to the bottom of this, she had to take it all the way, just like her husband had taught her. She let out a raspy sigh as she slowly walked into the room and crawled up onto the bed, she sat there knocking her back hooves together as doctor Hoover and nurse Red Cross entered and shut the door behind them.

After a few hours of medical tests, Golden Heart now found herself waiting outside doctor Hoover's office waiting patiently for her results, the anticipation was nerve racking, she was tapping her hooves together rapidly, sweat was dripping from her head, fear once again gripped her with uncertainty. She then began to think about Heavy Weight, would she get him sick with something like this, and how worried was he going to be after he learns of her visit to the doctor.

Suddenly she heard the knob of the doctor's door turn and gradually watched as the door slowly opened. It was then that nurse Red Cross poked her head out through the door and looked to Golden Heart with an extremely worried look, Golden Heart looked to her now worried as well as nurse Red Cross lowered her head.

"Doctor Hoover will see you now Golden Heart..."Red Cross said in a very low tone.

Golden Heart gradually nodded her head and got up out of her chair, she then quietly opened the door farther to see nurse Red Cross walking over to doctor Hoover who was sitting behind his desk and staring grimly at a file. As Red Cross stood by the doctor's side, Golden Heart quietly entered the room and sat in the seat that was directly in front of the desk and cleared her throat to get his attention.

"Um... Doctor Hoover...? How were my results doctor, did you figure out what's wrong?"Golden Heart asked as the doctor let out a frustrated sigh and rubbed at his eyes.

"Golden Heart... What I'm about to tell you here is serious and... You're not going to like what I have to say..."Doctor Hoover said as he took another deep breathe before looking up to Golden Heart.

"W-What is it doctor...? Please you have to tell me!"Golden Heart begged while nurse Red Cross turned her head away in fear of what was to come.

Doctor Hoover slowly got out of his chair and began walking towards the window behind him, he then began to gaze at the view of the city as he did his best to come to grips with what he had to say. He then took one last deep breathe before slowly turning back to a very worried Golden Heart and began.

"We... Have your results... And... Well we don't know what it is, but it's infecting your lungs and is growing slowly through your body..."Doctor Hoover said as Golden Heart looked on with disbelief.

"Can it be cured doctor?! Please... Is there anything you can do...?!"Golden Heart questioned in fear.

"I... I'm afraid there isn't much we can do... You are in for a very rough time Golden Heart and... I think in time... You should think about making plans for yourself..."Doctor Hoover said grimly.

The news struck Golden Heart in the heart with great force as she suddenly dropped to her knees, fear, shock, sadness and horror at this revelation gripped her as she breathed heavily and felt tears stinging her eyes. She held both hooves over her mouth as if she was going to be sick, doctor Hoover and nurse Red Cross quickly rushed over and tried to help her to her hooves, but she remained solid as a rock on the floor.

Finally tears began streaming down her cheek as she slowly began to break into a sob, she shook her head in disbelief as she looked up to the doctor, Red Cross was taken by the mother's grief and almost allowed a tear to escape her eyes as she turned away in pain. Golden Heart Slowly got back to her hooves before sitting back in the chair and crying quietly to her self, both hooves covered her face as she cried with so much devastation, the thought of her son was now eating away at her and sending her down a spiral of grief.

It was then that she felt a hoof on her cheek and slowly opened her hooves up to see nurse Red Cross giving her a sad look before suddenly lunging to the nurse and hugging her for comfort as she continued to weep. Doctor Hoover was patient and waited in complete silence before suddenly seeing Golden Heart part from her hug with Red Cross and struggle to wipe away her tears.

"Please Miss Golden Heart... I really didn't want you to hear it, but... I'm very sorry about this."Hoover said while Golden Heart struggled to find the words to say about this.

"I-I just... What am I suppose to do doctor...? I have a son for Celestia's sake... What am I suppose to do about him!?"Golden Heart said through choked sobs.

"That's what I also wanted to discuss Miss Golden Heart, I wanted to talk about some things about Heavy, do you have any pony you can trust by any chance?"Doctor Hoover asked.

"No... You don't understand... I'm all he has left... He doesn't have his father, he has no brothers or sisters... He has no pony, I'm all he has left...!"Golden Heart explained as Red Cross gave her a tissue to use.

She gladly took the tissue and blew her nose with it before making the tissue disappear in a small flash of blue magic, she then sniffled as she looked up only to see a small smile appear on doctor Hoover's face.

"I think I may have a solution to this problem, there is a certain some pony who has had her eye on you and your son for quite some time now, I believe that the minute I send her a letter, she'll be waiting right there to take Heavy under her wing should the worst come for you,"Doctor Hoover explained to a now confused.

"What...? Who...? Can I really trust her with my son...?"Golden Heart said as she wiped a few tears from her eyes.

"Trust me Miss Golden Heart, there is no pony more trust worthy with a talented unicorn like your son than her, she will take good care of him."Doctor Hoover reassured as Golden Heart struggled to give them a little smile.

"Well... If this pony is as good as you say she is, I... I'll trust you doctor,"Golden Heart said with a sniffle as she got out of her chair,"Now then... If you'll excuse me doctor, I would really like to leave and see my son."

"Of course Golden Heart, you are free to go, In the mean time... I have a letter to prepare for a certain some pony..."Doctor Hoover said as he pulled out a piece of paper and a quill pen.

With that business done, Golden Heart quietly left the doctor's office and closed the door behind her, she felt cold and heart broken, but in the end, all she could think about now was her son. She took a deep breathe and began to make her horn glow once more, her eyes lit up bright white as she once again found herself once again surrounded in a dark blue orb of magic. Her expression got serious as she focused hard and instantly teleported once again.

In a bright flash of blinding white light, Golden Heart reappeared just outside of the Celestia's School For gifted Unicorns, the memories Golden Heart had of this school were filling her mind as a smile finally came upon her face. She even decided to brush a gentle hoof over the stone steps of the school as she found herself lost in nostalgia over the memories she had shared with Mega.

Suddenly Golden Heart found herself snapped out of her nostalgic moment by a massive explosion coming from right behind the school, the ground trembled beneath her hooves as she saw smoke rise from behind the school. Her eyes then went big as she felt a familiar heaviness in the air, breathing felt even more difficult now, but she now knew for certain that this was possibly Heavy's doing.

She immediately took off and ran around the entire school feeling the entire air around her become heavier with each step, she had barely made it around the corner before almost tripping over a small colt that appeared to be shaken up by whatever was happening.

"What's going on here little colt?!"Golden Heart questioned.

"The... The new colt... Dark Shine started a fight between him, Shining Armor and the new colt. He beat Shining Armor, but the new colt...! The colt just..."The colt breathed out before a sudden shout interrupted them.


Golden Heart instantly bolted around the school petrified in deep fear for her son, she quickly managed to get around another corner before being met with the most overwhelming sight she had ever encounter.

The entire school playground looked like a massive war zone, smoky and burning craters were all over the place. Swing sets and slides were now broken, bent and half melted by heavy magic. She saw many frighten colts and fillies hiding in craters and any spot they could find as one colt pointed towards the center of the playground.

Golden Heart quickly directed her sights to the center of the playground and saw Twilight Sparkle holding onto an injured colt with a white coat, a three shaded blue mane and tail, and a cutie mark of a blue shield with a purple star in the center.

"GET HIM HEAVY...!"Twilight suddenly shouted out to her left.

Golden Heart quickly turned her head and to her shock, she was now watching her son pound the living crud out of a pitch black colt with a silver mane and tail, and a cutie mark of a black heart with a fluorescent red hue around it. With each devastating hoof Heavy delivered to the colts face, the colts face began to get more bruised, scratched and even very bloody. Golden Heart instantly ran to her son in a panic to stop her son, fear gripped her as she then leaped for Heavy.

"HEAVY WEIGHT STOP...! THAT'S ENOUGH...!"Golden Heart screamed as she wondered in the back of her head and thought of what could have occurred for all of this to happen.