The Tale Of Heavy Weight

by Spirit Of Fantasy

Chapter 1:A Special Colt

Chapter 1:A Special Colt

It was three days since the unicorn mare known as Golden Heart had given birth to her new born colt, for the pass few days she rested in a hospital bed while the doctors of the hospital were doing regular procedures and tests on the colt. She was ambitious and was dying to see her foal again, after what he did on the night he was born, she couldn't help but smile and think of how special she could tell that he was, he reminded her of his father.

It was the afternoon and Golden Heart had just gotten out of bed thanks to a nurse, she was a little tired, but was more than willing to get out of bed if it meant she could see her son again. She let out a sigh as she put her old brown cloak back on and followed the nurse out of her room, they then began happily walking through the hall way with smiles on their faces before Golden decided to start up a conversation.

"So... How has my son been under your care?"Golden asked with curiosity.

"Well... After what happened that night he was born, we decided to not just do regular procedures, but we also did a few special tests on him to test his magical abilities"The nurse explained as they passed a few doctors that had burn marks on their coats.

"Oh...? So... How did he do?"Golden Heart questioned.

"I...would rather wait and let doctor Hoover tell you himself,"The nurse said as they all came to a baby nursery room,"Much had happened during the tests..."

The nurse pulled out a key and unlocked the door, she then opened it and led Golden Heart into the nursery where many new born fillies and colts were in small cradles sleeping to their hearts content, all of them... Except one little colt. They walked through the lines of foals until they easily managed to pick out the small white colt with the ice blue mane and tail who was currently sucking on a binkie while half way out of his blue blanket.

Golden Heart let out an excited gasp as she quickly rushed over to her colt, the colt saw his mother coming and smiled while letting out a small giggle as Golden Heart leaned over the colt's cradle and laid her blue eyes upon her son.

"Hey their little one. I'm your mommy, you remember me?"She cooed as she tickled the colts belly.

The colt let out a few giggles as it wiggled it's arms and legs with joy, he was then picked up by Golden Heart and cradled in her arms as it looked into her eyes and smiled. Golden Heart felt her heart melt with great warmth as she looked upon her son.

"He's so adorable, he looks like his father, but he has my eyes..."Golden Heart said in a very soft voice.

"Yes... And he is very special too, I heard that you are the wife of captain Mega Weight, right?"The nurse said.

"Yes... I... Was his wife but... Well. I'll always be his wife, plain and simple."Golden Heart said as a stray tear rolled down her cheek.

"Oh... I forgot about what happened, I am so sorry about that Golden..."The nurse said with guilt before seeing Golden Heart stand tall.

"It's fine... He was a good husband and a great stallion, and now I have a reason to keep going for him, I have a son now."Golden Heart said as she turned and smiled at the nurse.

The nurse then gave her a warm smile as well as they both looked to the new born colt as he continued to smile at them as well, it was then that their moment was interrupted by none other than the brown stallion Doctor Hoover entered the room and saw the two mares. He cleared his throat to get their attention and smiled as they looked to him while the unicorn cradled her son once more.

"Miss Golden Heart, I'm glad I found you, may I please speak with you? It concerns your so."The Doctor said as he gave her the sign to follow him.

She let out a worried sigh as she then followed the doctor with her baby in her fore arm, the doctor held the door for her as he then walked with her down the hall way. She felt nervous for her child as she kept her sights focused on her foal as he reached for her and giggled, the doctor looked back to see the worry on her face and smiled as they were nearing their destination.

It was then began to pass a large room, but as they passed it, the smell of something burnt and charred reached Golden Hearts nose and she cringed her muzzle at the burning stench. She looked around for the source and noticed the window to the room had been completely blown out and charred by some sort of incredible force.

She stopped and looked through the window and was shocked to see many strange machines that were burnt and destroyed as if some pony had taken a meteor or some sort of bomb to the entire room. The ceiling was burned completely and electricity trickled from the lights and the destroyed machines, the air felt heavy and dense with a strange feeling of magic, it made Golden Heart feel uneasy.

"Ma'am...! This is the room!"The doctor called out from the entrance of a room that was only a few rooms away.

"Doctor...? What in the name of Celestia happened in there?"Golden Heart asked as she then walked over to the doctor while the colt rested in her fore arm.

" part of the reason that I need to speak with you..."The doctor said as he held the door open for the mare.

She now felt really uneasy as she slowly entered the room while the doctor closed the door behind them, she quietly took up a seat in front of a desk and sat their as she looked to her foal with uncertainty and worry. It was then that the doctor had passed her and took up his seat behind the desk and removed his stethoscope before letting out a heavy sigh.

"Ms Golden Heart, I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to introduce myself before. But my name is doctor Hoover, and thanks to a special some pony I have been signed on to be you and your colts family doctor."He said with a small smile as he began fumbling with a few papers.

"It's a pleasure to meet you doctor Hoover, and thank you so much for helping me bring my little colt into his new world."She said with a small smile.

"The pleasure is all mine Madam, I never thought I would meet the Mrs of the mighty Mega Weight!"The doctor said in a more bright voice as he shuffled papers.

"Oh... Yes of course,"Golden said as she did her best to hold onto a smile at the memory of her husband,"I apologize for this, but may I please ask what is going on here?"

The doctor looked up from the papers he was shuffling and looked upon a very worried mother as he then pulled out a paper and gave it to her.

"Ms Golden Heart... I would like to first tell you about what you saw in that room that appeared to be completely destroyed,"The stallion said with a serious look,"That room was where we take the new born unicorns to be tested in magical capabilities, as well as density and limits, last night... We were doing our final tests on your son."

"Okay... So... Are you saying my son did all that?!"She questioned with disbelief.

"Well... Yes... The magic the machines were picking up immense readings of magic from him... It was... Incredible,"The doctor said as he felt himself starting to sweat from the event last night,"The readings became so high off the scale that... It fried all the machines and the excess magic went every where, the density of the magic was almost fatal to all that got near it, those papers you now have show the last readings the machines were able to take before they were fried."

Golden Heart gave a small nod while the colt let out a few coo's, she looked at the papers and was astonished as her eyes widened, the doctor nodded as if he was agreeing with her shock as she then handed the papers back to him and looked to her son.

"Are these readings really correct?!"She asked with a surprised look.

"Yes... I even dared to pull out the old readings a doctor had taken when Mega Weight was born, and well... When I compared them..."Doctor Hoover said as he pulled out an old looking paper that had the name Mega Weight on it and showed both papers to her,"As you can see... Your son's readings are even higher than Mega's."

"Oh my gosh...!"Golden Heart explained while the foal giggled.

"Ms Golden Heart, I'm going to recommend that he gets the absolute best schooling we can find for him, there is no telling what he could do with the proper schooling, once he is of age, I would recommend Princess Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns, It's the perfect place for him to start out."Doctor Hoover said as a smile grew on Golden Hearts face.

"Of course doctor Hoover, and once again, thank you so much...!"Golden Heart said as she rose from her chair and started to leave.

"It was my pleasure Ms Golden Heart, you have a nice day and I wish the best of luck for you and your son."The doctor said as Golden Heart quietly left the room.

She walked with her son happily as she quickly made it to the secretary counter and finally signed herself and her son out of the hospital. Finally the new mother made it out of the hospital and was departing for her home with her foal, as she walked out she was looking at her foal with hope but also sadness.

"My goodness, I wish your daddy could be here to see you, he would have been so happy to see you."She said in a solemn tone.

It was then that Golden Heart smiled with hope for her child as it suddenly reached out and let out a giggle as it managed to get it's small hooves onto it's mothers muzzle. She let out warm hearted giggles at the colt's curiosity as she walked through Canterlot streets with the foal in her arms.

It was then that after a few long minutes she was almost home as she walked passed two concession stands, but in the process she had failed to notice that the stands were now floating and spinning in a perfect circle. She heard her foal giggling, but she though it was only him getting excited about being carried home.

It was then that two stallions, one earth pony and on Pegasus came out of their homes and were confused by the fact that their stands were missing.

"Hey...! where the hay are our stands?!" The Pegasus screamed.

"I don't know, they were right here!" the Earth pony yelled.

Suddenly a small piece of wood landed on the Earth pony's nose, he then looked up only to be shock to see both stands floating in mid air while being surrounded in an ice blue aura, their eyes widened.

"WHAT THE BUCK IS THIS!" Both stallions screamed.


It was then that Golden Heart turned to see the problem and was confused for a moment when she saw the two stallions were screaming about their stands floating, then it hit her as she noticed the magical aura it was in. She turned and gasp as she saw her son's horn glowing, and the fact that the foal was giggling at the whole thing made it even more obvious, she now knew that it was the colt that was doing this. she panicked as she quickly put a hoof on the babies horn to shut off the magic, she then looked to see the two stands instantly fall and get smashed to pieces on impact, as the stallions looked in shock at their ruined stands. The stallions then turned to see Golden Heart and widened their eyes as they saw that her and the colt were the only unicorns around, the unicorn mare then made a run for it.

"HEY...! STOP RIGHT THERE...!"The Pegasus shouted as him and the Earth pony took off after her.

Golden Heart was now in a panic as she did her best to lose her pursuers, scared that they might hurt her or the baby she knew she had to think of something, and that's when her self defense that she learned from her husband kicked in.

She quickly saw a several loose pieces on the smooth stone road and quickly made her horn glow dark blue, suddenly the whole road quaked as she leaped over the loose part of the road and let out a small grunt as she worked her magic. Suddenly the road exploded and a massive wall of stone shot up from the road right behind her with a sharp crack. The stallions gasp and tried to stop, but they were running too fast with too much momentum. They braced themselves as they slammed hard against the wall of stone and slowly slid off it, they were left in a daze as Golden Heart made a great dash for home.

Finally after a few more solid minutes of running, both the mare and the foal finally made it to their small home at the edge of Canterlot walls, she slowed down and checked on her colt and smiled to see her happy little colt giggling about the whole ordeal. She let out a sigh of relief as she made her way inside her house and she put her son down so he could crawl around and explore his new environment, at the same time the mother laid on the couch and watched her son with amazement and hope while catching her breath.

"Oh...your a gifted one aren't you...??she said with a smile while reaching to pick him up and place him next to her on the couch.

She smiled and nuzzled him while he once again gripped her muzzle and held her there while he giggled, she then felt him tightening his grip and was surprised by how strong of a grip he had on her.

"Your strong too, just like your daddy was..." she said as she brushed a hoof through his icy blue mane.

She then suddenly felt an idea hit her as she looked to a picture that had her and a stallion that looked like the colt, only much more burly and had emerald green eyes, she smiled as a name began to form in her mind. She then smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek and let out a sigh.

"I got it, I have the perfect name for you... Heavy Weight..."She said as she cradled her son.

The baby giggled and shook her muzzle appearing to like the name, it melted her heart to see the baby agreeing with her as another tear fell from her cheek.

"Then Heavy weight it is." she said.