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The Tale Of Heavy Weight - Spirit Of Fantasy

A Talented unicorn born of a legendary father grows up with Twilight Sparkle and her brother in pursuit of his destiny under the guidance of princess Celestia.

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Chapter 7:A Day Of Confrontation

Chapter 7:A Day Of Confrontation

Earlier That Day

Heavy Weight was once again walking the streets of Canterlot, but this time he wasn't in the best of moods, he felt a little uneasy about some things, he felt something different going on with his mom ever since she told him that she felt sick. He then began to get a bad feeling that this day was not going to end well, he did his best to hide his worry as he passed by a few ponies slowly. He didn't even bother messing with the two stallions he enjoyed torturing when it came to their small business.

It wasn't long till he reached the school once more and let out a deep sigh before forcing a smile across his face to keep up a good attitude. As Heavy approached the steps to the school, Heavy felt his smile become less forced as he saw Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor waiting for him at the top of the stairs. He started to feel a little better and even a little excited inside as he quickly rushed up the stairs to meet them. The minute he did get up the stairs he was then tackled and given another big hug by Twilight before he could even say anything.

"Well... I guess... You're happy to see me..."Heavy let out through his choking.

"Sorry about that, she's been talking about you all night last night, come on Twilight let the kid breath."Shining Armor said as Twilight slowly released him.

"I'm sorry, it's just so nice to meet my new friend!"Twilight exclaimed as she jumped with joy.

"Yeah... You don't say, so... Are you ready for what's coming on the playground?"Heavy asked.

"Oh yes...! I can't wait!"Twilight exclaimed.

"Wait... What's happening at the playground?"Shining Armor questioned as they all ventured into the school.

"Heavy Weight's going to show me how to do that cool super spell he made up yesterday,"Twilight exclaimed, making Shining raise an eye brow in disbelief.

"Uh... Twily? Don't you think you learned enough? You already got down the levitation spell, and you just about got the shield spell down."Shining Armor said a bit nervous for his sister.

"Wait... So you managed to learn levitation?"Heavy questioned with a semi impressed look.

"I sure did! Look for yourself!"Twilight said.

She quickly gritted her teeth and began to focus hard before finally getting her horn to glow purple, she then turned to Shining Armor and began focusing on her big brothers back pack. With a small grunt she managed to pull it off Shining and made it slowly circle around Heavy, Heavy watch with fascination as Twilight slowly lowered the back pack down towards the ground and gave it back to Shining Armor.

"Come on Twily. You could have used his back pack."Shining teased as they turned around the corner into a hall way.

"I'm sorry Shining, I just wanted to show Heavy what I could do...!"Twilight confessed much to Heavy's interest.

"Well... That wasn't bad, but I still say you can do much more if you apply yourself more."Heavy said much to Twilight's interest.

"Oh really...? Maybe I have to show you what I got at the play ground?"Twilight challenged while making Shining and Heavy chuckle.

"Easy there Twily, not sure you're ready for something like that."Shining said in hopes of putting out Twilight's sudden burning spirit.

"Well that's why I wanna work with Heavy on my magic at the playground."Twilight retorted to her brother as they finally stopped at Shining Armor's class.

"Alright Twilight just take an easy, we'll see what you got at the playground later on."Heavy said, now a little scared of his little fan.

"Yeah, I guess I can't stop her, you think you can get her to magic kindergarten class?"Shining asked.

"Sure, no problem Shining."Heavy happily replied.

With that, Shining Armor casually walked into his class leaving Twilight in the hooves of Heavy, Heavy let out a sigh and began to depart with Twilight close at his side. Twilight hopped like a bunny around Heavy while Heavy just walked casually down the hall way, he chuckled to himself while trying to figure out what this filly was seeing in him.

As the two of them walked down the hall, they could see unicorns more to their age staring at them with confusion and even some admiration. Twilight enjoyed the attention she got, but Heavy didn't like the looks he got, it was embarrassing, especially when he had a filly hopping around him like she was playing ring around the rosie.

"So Heavy? How do you do that amazing trick with magic?"Twilight asked as she finally stopped bouncing around the colt.

"Uh... It's simple really, all you have to do is concentrate on your body, and make sure you can fill your body full of all the magic it needs to stimulate every muscle in your body."Heavy explained.

"Oh... Okay I get it now!"Twilight said with realization.

"Yeah well... We'll see if you really get it on the playground...!"Heavy insisted in a cocky tone.

It was then that Heavy and Twilight had finally come to Twilight's kindergarten class, Heavy looked inside and saw plenty of unicorns his age currently paying attention to the teacher as she went over the basic steps of magic. Heavy suppressed the urge to laugh at such a simple lesson before turning to Twilight who actually looked a bit down about being in such an easy class.

"What's with you? You got an easy class to got to, advanced classes are called advance for a reason."Heavy said to the down filly.

"But I feel like I can do much more than all this simple stuff, they don't even teach you how to levitate. Do you know who actually showed me how to levitate?"Twilight said in a low tone.

"I'll bite... Who taught you to levitate?"Heavy asked.

"Well... Shining Armor helped me get the spell down but... You were the one who showed me how to do it..."Twilight said in a more honest voice.

"Oh... I... I was... Glad to help you learn a spell then..."Heavy said with a bit of blush at Twilight's answer.

"That's another reason I was hoping you could teach me later on at the play ground, I want to learn real magic and become strong and good with magic just like you... I want to be the best unicorn in the world..."Twilight said as she continued to admire Heavy.

"Oh really... Because if that's what you're hoping to do, you need to beat me in a magical duel. Because I'm also going to become the greatest unicorn in the world."Heavy Weight explained with a bold and proud smile.

"I will accept your challenge... And I hope the day will come when I get to face you when I'm ready!"Twilight said as she brushed her head against Heavy's chest.

"And... Uh... I look forward... To that day when we battle, but for now let's just keep learning magic together..."Heavy suggested while trying to fight off his blush.

"You got it Heavy!"Twilight exclaimed with a confident smile.

Suddenly before Twilight could leave for class, they suddenly heard the loud slam of a locker and quickly turned their heads to see a bruised up colt about Heavy's age and Dark Shine pinning the colt against a locker. They glared at the colt as he lifted the little colt up and flashed a wicked smile at the helpless victim.

"So...! What were you saying about this being your locker?!"Dark snapped at the colt as he started to cry.

"I-I'm sorry, I just wanted to put my stuff away before I was late to class...!"The colt cried out.

"Oh...! You mean this stuff,"Dark said before suddenly levitating the colts back pack and throwing it in a nearby trash can."There's a place for your stuff, why don't you crawl around in that trash while you're getting your bag? You are trash after all!"

The colt continued to cry as Dark then slammed the little colt into a locker before walking off with his nose stuck up in the air and a proud smile on his face. Heavy gave Dark a death stare while Twilight started to feel a little afraid of Dark Shine, but all Heavy was thinking was please let something awful happen to that jerk.

It was then that Dark Shine was walking their way and that's when Twilight was starting to get scared, she quickly hid behind Heavy as Dark Shine suddenly locked eyes with her. He gave off a little smirk before shifting himself towards her and giggling as he noticed Heavy Weight staring him down.

"Oh look...! It's Shining loser's worthless little sister. Don't you have a little class for trash unicorns to go to?"Dark questioned with a chuckle.

"N-no..."Twilight said quietly with fear.

"You know something Dark Shine...? If you looked up the word trash. It would have a picture of you in it, so why don't YOU get in that class, those kids in there look about your size."Heavy taunted as Twilight let out a sharp gasp.

"What did you just say to me you little squirt?!"Dark growled as he focused on Heavy now.

"You heard me. Maybe if you would pay attention more. Maybe you could actually prove that you're worth something!"Heavy continued to taunt while Dark got more angry by the minute.

"YOU ARE ASKING FOR IT AREN'T YOU?!"Dark roared as he raised a hoof to Heavy.

"Asking...?! I'm begging for it! if you were smart you would understand the difference! Besides I probably wouldn't get much from you any way!"Heavy yelled as Dark then began screaming in a fit of rage.

Suddenly Dark threw a hard hoof at the colt, Heavy quickly saw the attack coming and threw up a shield around him and Twilight. Dark slammed his hoof against the shield, but the shield held up strong and stopped Dark cold before he suddenly noticed that small blue flames were on his hoof.

Dark panicked a bit as he quickly ran to the nearest water fountain and quickly began pouring water on his hoof, thankfully the blue fire was extinguished and Dark Shine was able to let out a sigh of relief. He then shook off the scare and stared back at Heavy Weight while Heavy was giggling at the frightened colt.

"You might want to be careful Dark, my shield might be a little too hot for you to handle...!"Heavy taunted as Dark decided to cut his loss and walk away.

"You're dead squirt, you just wait!"Dark yelled as he walked off with a snort.

"Yeah whatever...! I'll see you in class,"Heavy said as he turned back to a frighten Twilight who was doing her best to keep watching him,"Are you alright Twilight?"

"I... I'm sorry, I just never seen a pony do that before, you... Stood up for me..."Twilight said as a smile appeared on her face.

"Well... Sure, I wasn't about to let my friend take a pounding from some no talent bully with an attitude, what kind of friend would I be,"Heavy questioned gaining a small giggle in response,"Word of advice though... Never let bullies and thugs try to scare, you need to face them with courage and bravery. That is also something you have to do to become the best."

"Yes sir...!"Twilight said as she gave him a small salute.

"Okay then... I'll see you at lunch I guess?"Heavy asked while scratching at his mane.

"You know It!"Twilight said before finally rushing into her class room.

With that, Heavy gave her a small smile before hearing the school bell ring, he realized he was late for class and jumped up in shock as he turned around and immediately began racing down the hall way to get to his class. He quickly slid under two unicorn colts that were lined up and jumped over a small unicorn as he could see Mrs Cloverstep standing at the end of the hall waiting for him.

He felt intense, the blood rushing through him, the excitement that he may just make it in time for class, he quickly leaped in the air and was so taken by the moment he didn't even noticed that his horn was glowing. He suddenly felt like he was flying as he looked down and saw himself soaring through the air surrounded by an ice blue aura.

Shock over took him as he then exploded and shot down the hall way like a magic blue bullet and was aiming directly for Mrs Cloverstep. He tried his best to stop the momentum of the strange shot he was in, but was only able to lighten it up enough so the blue aura would disappear. Heavy was still soaring at great speeds as he was closing in on Mrs Cloverstep, but thankfully the teacher managed to duck just as Heavy soared right pass her and slammed head first into the wall.

The force of the head on crash made the whole hallway shake while spreading pieces of rubble every where. Rubble even went into the teacher's mane as she panicked while struggling to pull Heavy out of the wall, it took only a small tug to pull Heavy Weight out of a small hole he made in the wall right next to the class room. Heavy coughed and began shaking off the bit of daze he felt from his collision as he gave Cloverstep a little smile with embarrassment.

"Mr Heavy Weight! What on Equestria were you doing!"Cloverstep exclaimed as she helped brush the rubble off the colt.

"I don't know, but now I got a new spell to make!"Heavy exclaimed with excitement at what he just did.

"You need to be more careful Heavy. You could have gotten hurt from pulling crazy stunts like that!"Cloverstep said as she cringed at looking at the hole in the wall.

"Aww come on, I'm fine... Oh and sorry about the wall Mrs Cloverstep..."Heavy said in a low tone.

"Oh... Don't worry about it, Celestia is usually very forgiving when it comes to such accidents."Cloverstep said with a deep sigh again.

"So... Did I make it to class in time?"Heavy asked as he realized that the bell stopped.

"Well... I suppose I could let this one slide, just be more careful next time."Cloverstep said with worry.

"Yes...! Thanks Mrs Cloverstep!"Heavy said as he happily trotted inside.

Cloverstep let out a sigh as she watched the happy little colt, she then couldn't help but smile at Heavy as the memory of the times she had spent helping to teach Mega Weight when he was a colt. She gave a small nod as she walked into the classroom to begin her lesson with all her students, unaware of the tension that was growing between two of her students.

A Few Hours Later

Heavy Weight, Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle were once again in the cafeteria eating lunch together at a round table, they enjoyed a lunch of peanut butter and jelly, daffodil flowers and chocolate milk. During class earlier Heavy had no further issues with Dark Shin, and even managed to get some time to draw and make a few details on the spell he had created by accident earlier, just another spell that he pulled from his mind and placed on paper.

As he took bite out of his sandwich, Heavy couldn't help but pull out three different spells made from his own mind and started working on details on how to make them work, one of them just so happened to be the one from earlier, while the others barely had any detail on them. He stared lazily as he drew them out and began making adjustments before suddenly being snapped out of his bored and creative state by Twilight who decided to poke him on the nose with the stem of a daffodil.

"W-what...! Oh... Don't scare me like that,"Heavy said frantically while Twilight and Heavy laughed at him.

"Oh come on... Take an easy there Heavy, you just seemed to be in your own little world with all that spell designing and such, you might as well start making a book about spells!"Shining joked as Heavy stared back at the papers.

"Hey... That actually sounds like a good idea Shining, I could put all this in a book and maybe publish it when it's complete. If other unicorns can use these spells, it could spawn a whole new generation of magic. Then princess Celestia would even have to acknowledge me!"Heavy exclaimed with a bright smile.

"That sounds great! I can't wait to read your book!"Twilight happily said as she finished her milk.

"Thanks for the idea Shining, I think I'll call them... Combat spells, so many endless spells that can be used, could you imagine what hundreds of unicorns could do with just two spells that I'm making?!"Heavy asked with great interest.

"Yeah, imagine the princess herself using these spells? You would be famous!"Twilight exclaimed as she finished her lunch.

"Okay that's it, I'm doing this book thing!"Heavy said completely convinced.

"okay, I'm going to dump my tray."Twilight said as she magically levitated her tray and walked with it to the trash cans.

"Gee... Your sister sure is a very likable filly. She already seems to consider me her best friend and I just met her yesterday."Heavy said while drawing.

"Well... She hasn't exactly been good with friends so far, I'm actually the only friend she has and well... I'm her brother so of course we get along great."Shining Armor said while finishing his daffodils.

"Really...?! I didn't know you could be best friends with your siblings, I really don't have a brother or sister to be honest."Heavy Weight said in an honest tone.

"Yeah... It's fun, but it also comes with a bit of responsibility. I need to watch after my little sister, I don't know what I would do if something bad would happen to her."Shining explained in a solemn tone.

"So... You're worry about her..."Heavy said as he looked to the solemn face of Shining.

"Yeah... She's really ambitious, and they say that she may have a lot of potential when it comes to magic, but I'll never stop thinking off her as my little sister, and it worries me that she may get hurt when practicing her magic...!"Shining said as he turned to Heavy.

"Oh... My mom worries too, but she always gives me space to grow, she understands the dreams I have and supports me with what I do no matter the danger."Heavy said while sipping his milk.

"Are you saying I should just support her?"Shining asked.

"Well... You can't always stop her, I can see she's got that determination that I have, and she's going to do what she can to become the best, so... Maybe you should just support her and let her follow her dream... It would make her happy."Heavy explained as he put a hoof to Shining's shoulder.

Shining turned to him with a small smile, and placed a hoof on Heavy's shoulder as if he was approving of what Heavy suggested, he felt a connection growing with Heavy and couldn't help but respect Heavy for his advice. He was about to say something to Heavy, but their moment was quickly ruined by the noise of another tray slamming to the ground.

The quickly turned their heads and Shining immediately gasp as they both saw Twilight looking down at her tray while Dark Shine was looking down on her and laughing at narrowed his sights on Dark while Shining felt his rage building inside his body, Heavy was the first one to get out of his chair before Shining was right behind him. As they were approaching the scene, they watched as Dark was laying down the law with Twilight.

"That is what happens when you hide behind squirts, next time you hide from me. I will kick both you and your brothers flanks do you understand me!"Dark said firmly in Twilight's ear.

Twilight didn't answer, she felt scared inside and didn't dare look up at the dark colt, she felt cold, worthless and weak, Dark Shines laughing only made her feel worse. Suddenly she raised her head a bit as she began remembering what Heavy told her earlier about bullies, she can't be afraid of them, she needs to stand up to them with bravery and courage, if she wanted to be the best, that is what she must do when it comes to bullies.

"Hey...! I'm talking to you, answer me you piece of trash!"Dark yelled as Twilight looked down to her tray again.

She then began to feel her fear fade away and slowly begin to be replaced with rage, she didn't like the names he was calling her, she didn't like that he was threatening her and her brother, and most of all... She didn't like him making fun of her new friend. She slowly gritted her teeth in anger as she levitated her tray off the ground and turned towards the trash can.

Suddenly Twilight felt something snap as she instantly spun around and smacked Dark Shine across the face making him take a few steps back while holding his jaw in pain. Every pony in the cafeteria let out a huge gasp as Twilight started coming to grips with what she just did, she instantly dropped her tray as she saw Dark recovering from the blind sight and glare at her.

"You... Are... So... DEAD...!"Dark shouted as he charged at Twilight with a fully lit up horn.

Twilight flinched in fear as she shut her eyes tight and braced herself for a lot of pain, she felt her blood going cold and her fur standing up with horror as she awaited her attack, but it didn't come. Twilight opened her eyes and saw that Dark Shine's attack was stopped cold by a large and thick ice blue shield that was surrounding her.

Dark struggled to free himself from the grasp of the shield before it suddenly released him, he looked around for the source of the shield, but was then blind sighted as Heavy appeared right in front of him and gave him a hard buck to the nose. Dark stumbled back and landed on his flank while holding his nose in pain, he managed to open an eye to see his attacker and was shocked to see both Heavy and Shining Armor standing right in front of Twilight in a protective position.

"Keep your disgusting hooves off her Dark Shine. How much of a coward do you have to be when you are picking on little fillies, you're the real piece of trash here Dark Shine."Heavy said while Twilight smiled at him and her brother.

"Dark Shine I have had it with you! It wasn't enough to pick on pony's half your age. Now your even picking on little fillies, but no pony ever messes with my little sister! We are settling this on the playground right now!"Shining Armor yelled at the colt.

"Fine...! When I finish pulverizing the two of you, I'll come back for your sister! I accept both of your challenges!"Dark said as they heard the recess bell ring.

"Good... Now I get to at least see the real piece of trash show us what he's got."Heavy insulted as they watched Dark let out a snort before walking off with the rest of the crowd to go to recess.

With that business done and a fight now scheduled between them, they both turned back to a frighten Twilight who looked at them with fear as she realized her early actions may have been the cause of this.

"I... I... I'm sorry... I didn't mean for this to happen..."Twilight said with guilt.

"*sigh*... It's okay Twily, It was about time Dark Shine got what was coming to him."Shining Armor said with a calm smile.

"Are you sure the two of you can handle Dark Shine?"Twilight asked with concern.

"Oh we can handle Dark Shine, you just sit back and watch how we take care of bullies,"Heavy said with a smile,"We're going to have to cancel that lesson however Twilight, you'll have to wait till tomorrow."

"Oh... Okay..."Twilight said solemnly.

The trio then turned towards the doors that lead to the play ground as they listened to the bell, they waited until it finally stopped ringing and then began to walk out of the cafeteria as a team. As they walk, Shining and Heavy felt their bodies warming up as they mentally prepared themselves for the fight that was to come.

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