Among The Nightmares

by Spirit Of Fantasy

Chapter 4: Shadow's In The House

Chapter 4:Shadow's In The House

His look was blank, and broken. The child sighed and his legs shook as he slid down the red tube. The dark red lights hitting his face as he looked down to his dirty and wet pajamas. Though it appeared to mean very little to the small child now, almost nothing seem to matter anymore. The breeze of the wind tussled his blond hair but left him unfazed.

He could see the bright red light at the end of the tunnel, it might as well had been the entrance to hell. He looked to his hands covered in the black blood of the monster he somehow slayed in a sudden tantrum. How he mustered such strength was unheard of in a human, at least maybe a human from earth. He closed his eyes and put his legs together, ignoring the cold wet squish from his accident. He shuddered and covered his eyes ignoring the burning sensation he felt developing on his thighs.

He was hit with red, and slid off the metal tube into the dirt. Once more a cloud of dirt raised from his landing and forced a couple coughs from his throat. Though he kept his eyes closed and shook, feeling cold, itchy, and alone. The dust settled and he kept his eyes cold as he whimpered and begged in his heart for the pain and fear to stop. His begs were merely answered with voices of worry, happiness, and warmth.

"Oh my gosh Aiden! You're alive...!"There was that motherly voice that hit his ears and belonged to only one plushy friend, Celestia.

"We're so glad you're safe! We feared that monster had hurt you! We are so sorry...!"The panicked voice of Luna was followed by the boy opening his eyes to both his friends tackling him and hugging the child.

"Aiden our dear child...! We are so sorry we did not come...! The shadow refused to let us go back...!"

"We are to blame for this Aiden, we promise not to leave you again,"Celestia made another promise and rewarded with a tight hug by a slowly weeping boy,"It's ok sweetie. We won't ever leave your side again... Never again..."

"Never again... Tia and I royal promise,'Luna made the promise as well before a thought struck her,"Wait... Aiden? How DID you escape the hunter? He had you in it's clutches... How did you escape?"


The booming voice made Aiden yipe, and bury his head in Luna's chest almost wanting to wet himself again. The voice invoked anger and desire to see the owners destruction. Though the sisters chose to be soft and gentle, in hopes of keeping the boy in their hooves. They only turned their soft heads and looked to the sky with glares hidden with their fake stuff toy smiles.

"Perhaps the boy is slowly starting to realize his power monster...! You sound as if you could be scared."Luna taunted the shadow master as he growled in response.

"Two worlds down our vile friend. And all you did was show yourself how dire your situation is,"Celestia added to the mockery,"The sun will be here soon. And you will cease to exist when the sun burns your vile existence away...!"

"No...! No, no! I will not cease to exist, and your deaths are guarantee by the end of the night,"The shadow shot down from the sky and landed to the ground like a blob of black slime,"The next world will be a true hunt, and realm of fear...!"

"We will conquer it with the light of my night and my sisters day when it comes...! Just as we did before fool!"

"Oh really little ponies... hehehehahaHA! No,"The shadow laughed and began to form, but in a much larger and far more misshapen form,"This time...! In this world...1 You will all day, by my claws personally...! I will be the one to hunt you down and kill you!"

Spikes curved and popped from his head down to his stretching smooth tail. The horns of a bull cracked and molded into form on his head while his mouth widen and popped outward nice and long. He roared with a shout like that of a creature from hell itself, standing on dragon like feet with slender legs. His whole body became slender as his pupils grew into his red eyes slit like a serpent. He chuckled like the devil as four long claws in place of fingers snapped into place.

He towered over the boy and his plushies, his shadow eclipsing them in it's dark aura. He hissed and roared down at them before it soften into the deepest chuckles. Red lightning struck around he island and lit up the sky as the ponies shook sudden fear from themselves. They held on to the terrified human and patted his back before staying boldly as his shields. This amused the transformed demon as he brought up the final red tube.

"Now that I'm in the proper..."Attire" for our final round... Is there something you'd like to request?"He questioned feeling a bit gracious from his new found confidence as his true demon self.

The sisters looked to each other, and looked to Aiden as he quivered and shook in their arms. He was losing hope and courage fast, their ma be little more they could push out of him. However they had learned from their mistake in the swamp to not worry about just survival, but to worry about the safety of what they came to protect. They could tell he was cold, and wet from his accident. His pajamas were even torn and was missing a whole leg piece to his pjs.

"We must do something to help Aiden. We must do what we feel may help him go on without baggage and burdens Tia."

"I already know what we must do... What we must do as guardians and friends to this child,"Celestia decided before slowly getting Aiden to lay on his back and look to the shadow,"We need diaper changing materials, and a fresh pull ups. He needs changed so he doesn't get a rash."

"Very well... You really are trying to be his mothers aren't you, so undignified for princesses,"The dark one snickered as red smoke shot from the sky and hit the ground before them,"You have three minutes to handle the stinkers mess before the game begins...!"

He looked away to give them privacy, and let the sisters go to work on the child. They waited for the smoke to mold into goo and take the shape of fresh diapers, baby powder and wipes. Luna went ahead and began unzipping Aiden's footie pajamas to slip them off his tiny body before laying him on his back. Aiden had a bit of red on his cheeks as he looked around and closed his eyes. He felt his pjs leave him before Luna snuggled up and let him hug her for courage.

"Just relax and let sister handle the rest sweetie, you can trust us. We will never hurt you."Luna spoke to ease his spirit before he felt tugs on his pull up.

After the tear of Velcro and paper mixed with cotton. He felt his garment leave his body as well making him go completely red before a cold wipe met his thighs and area. He was wiped from top to bottom and cleared off before Celestia had taken a deep breath to focus. He heard a pat before powder his his region and refreshed his skin, it caused him to kick and sneeze. Finally He hugged Luna tight and felt a new pull up fit right under his bottom and wrap all over his midsection nice and snug.

He opened his eyes and looked down and saw his little body sporting a fresh new baby garment. He trembled, but only from the nervousness of being changed by someone other than his mom or dad. But Celestia pulled it off, and he was no longer cold or wet, he felt almost comfy. He looked to Luna, and she was with him the whole way through the experience, just like a good parent would. He sat up and looked up himself before sighing.

"Alright you get his jammies back on Luna."Celestia said a bit exhausted from her first time changing a toddler.

"Very well."Luna did so and brought over his ragged pjs once more before starting feet first.

She got one foot to go in nice and easy before it went in and met the end of it's footie part. The other had no leg piece to go into, so his little bare foot just popped right out of the hole. The dark one turned back around with a hiss as Aiden was getting zipped up and was back to normal. The three minutes were up and it was time to play finally, and this time he would be after them. They all hugged and disgusted the demon one last time.

"We love you Aiden. No matter what happens child... We will always be there for you, and you'll only get stronger..."

"Agreed Luna... Aiden. You have power in you that conquered a creature of nightmares. As long as you remain strong and courageous, you can even stop the monster,"Celestia said softly to the child before turning and stomping a hoof in preparation,"We are ready fiend...! Let's play your little game... One last time!"

"That's what I like to hear...! Step forward into the world you shall be buried in...!"The shadow hissed and stepped away from the tunnel to give them room.

"We will see about that Shadow..."

Without further stalling the group continued on and slowly got Aiden moving. It took some help and a gentle nudge before he in haled and moved into the tunnel. He felt like he couldn't take another scare, but he had to. It was his only hope of finally going home to his parents safe and sound. All he could do is put his faith into his two friends and find the courage to finish the game.

He sat down without making a single noise and gave himself a small push. With the mares perched on his shoulders like parrots before they were sliding down the pipe. For the final time the breeze picked up and blew through his hair. Speed picked back up quickly as they silently descended down into the darkness once more. This was the final struggle that would define life or death for all in this game including the shadow.

The cold metal tube felt like nothing, everything felt like nothing now. After the things he had bare witnessed, how can life possibly return to normal for him now. His mind was on the verge of insanity, trauma and broken will from the monsters, the dark, the cold, and pure evil. The sister knew this, and wondered what they would do now that Aiden grew broken and silent. For now all they could do is protect him and survive the next world here and now.

They came to the mouth of the tunnel, and for once they did not land in any sort of earth like substance. This was in fact hard wood refined and clean, and it smelled a bit like Aiden's home. It was almost pitch black though, he could only make out a large blue sheet bed. It had fluffy white pillows, and pictures of the most important people he had ever known. His mom and his dad, smiling and holding him in so many pictures, but there was a catch to it.

The paintings were either side ways, or upside down even, in fact everything was that way. The brass legs of the bed were sticking straight up at the corners rather than on the bottom supporting the bed from the floor. A dresser was hanging above the ceiling right over them and clothes were hanging from the drawers. Confusion was around them as shoes, small standing tables, and so much more was hanging from the walls and ceiling. It was like a gravity tornado attacked the room.

"Ok...? Come Aiden. We can do this, the three of us together can over come anything!"Luna hopped off and pointed to the door.

"How convenient...! The knob is... On the bottom rather than the middle..."Celestia hopped off and mused at the misshapen door with a bottom door knob.

Aiden slowly follow and listened to the creaking in the walls ad the wood ceiling creaking like bones. The window to his right cracked and nearly made him jump, he looked to his friends and crawled on. His spirit was dwindling and would surely be gone without his pony friends. He met them at the door before Luna gripped the door with her plushy hooves and turned it. It made a small metallic squeak, and slowly opened with a loud wooden creak that rang their ears.

Aiden held his buzzing and aching head as the ponies worked together swing the door open to a long and dark hall way. They swallowed, and Luna looked out into the hall way, nothing but a few closets, stairs with no railings. To her right there was the stairs, to her left there was a door that lead to another bedroom. She gestured with her head to follow, but instead Aiden scooped both of them up into his arms. Fear crawled in his brain like roaches scraping at his skull.

They hugged him before he took a step into the dark hall way, and felt a chilly wood floor under his feet, especially his bare one. As if a snow man had just walked down this path and left a trail of ice in it's wake. He looked to his left rather than his right, and saw the big door that reminded him of his bedroom. It was alluring, and against Luna's gesture to the stairs, he slowly began walking to the door. Ignoring the painful cold touch nipping at his feet.

"Aiden? Aiden we shouldn't go this way, there's no knowing what's waiting for you behind that door...!"Luna begged Aiden to turn back, but he didn't listen.

"Aiden? Aiden...?! Aiden listen to us! Aiden...!"Celestia put her hooves to his chest to nudge him and snap him out of it, but he did not respond.

They then fought his grip to try and get free and stop the boy, they wiggled free and got in front of him. They pushed at his legs, but he still chose not to stop, and darkness was growing behind that door. The wood of the door creaked and peeled before a panicked Celestia thought fast. Against her sisters concern, she climbed up Aiden's pjs in a fast panicked. She panted and raised a hoof before whimpering against what she had to do.

"Aiden I am so sorry about this sweetie...!"Celestia gave her apology and swung her hoof swiftly.

"Tia!"Luna panicked seeing the action that unfolded.

She planted a soft but effective smack across the face that shook his mind clear. He shook his head and whimpered and looked in every direction before looking straight at Celestia. His breath stuttered and he placed a hand to his now red left cheek, it stung, and it stung bad. It easily pieced together, and he sniffed and trembled at the thought that his own friend struck him. She could see tears growing in his eyes, and her heart stopped from the realization of what she did.

"Aiden...? Please. I'm sorry, please don't cry...! I didn't want to do it. I only want to protect you...!"Celestia begged his forgiveness, and was returned with a burst of cries of pain.

"Oh no...! That was too far sister. He wasn't suppose to feel threaten by us...! Why did you do that?!"Luna quickly got Aiden to sit down before hugging him and patting his back.

"I didn't want to. I thought it was going to stop him, and I didn't want him to get hurt by-"Celestia tried to explain herself before a crash at the door silenced the three of them.

They slowly looked up to the door as it rumbled and cracked like a tooth pick. Aiden slowly stood up as the mares got up on trembling legs and screamed for Aiden to run. They took off just in time for the door to explode and the shadow demon to show his face. He rushed through the exploding door and gave chase with his feet stomping and shaking the ground. He flashed a toothy smile of death as he found his targets running like prey.

"I found you boy! There's nowhere to run! Your flesh,your blood, your SOUL! It's mine now!"The dark one screeched with his shout and slashed at the child.

Aiden screamed and duck to avoid getting his head taken off. Celestia jumped to his shoulder and squeezed herself to light up her mark and blind the shadow. He hissed and blocked off the light as he slowed his pace to avoid too much light. Luna did the same as she crawled to his shoulder, only to be taken into a hug. Aiden hugged her tight and lit her up as the shadow chased them blind.

"We need a way out sister! He's going to catch us at this rate!"Luna called to her sister while Tia looked to Aiden hugging her sister and ignoring her.

"Oh Aiden... I knew what I did was a mistake,"Celestia cursed herself for her quick and not so smooth idea before spotting a small closet,"There! Small cupboard coming up! I got it!"

Celestia jumped in front and rushed to the cupboard before gripping the handle and swinging it open. It was too small for the shadow to follow, but it did not mean he would let them escape. He saw them jumping into the small space and made a desperate grab. His long claws reached and snagged onto Aiden's other pj leg and tried to drag him out. He screamed and cried as Celestia jumped for the door and slammed it on the shadows arm.

"OW! You won't escape me you little rag tag of rats,"He roared at them as Celestia slammed and drew blood on the monsters arm,"I'll kill you BOY! I will kill you! Just like I killed your PARENTS!"

With a hiss Celestia slammed the door again and forced the monster off the boy before the door could be closed. Aiden rolled back as Celestia latched the door shut while he was surrounded in darkness. He could barely see his pony friends as he held his head at the words that rattled his skull. The creature wants to kill him, and he spoke of actually killing his parents. Was he actually telling the truth?

He panted and whimpered as Celestia and Luna approached the boy, but Celestia took the lead. She raised a hoof to lift his chin and look him in the eye, she had never felt so sorry in her life. He wanted to look away from the mare that hit him and hurt his cheek, but she kept him looking to her. He could see something sparkling from Celestia's marble made button eyes as she put her head to his. As it leaked over her cheek, he could see it now, it was a tear.

"I'm sorry Aiden... For all of this. I love you sweetie, I only want to protect you,"Celestia sobbed in her throat and she kissed him on his little head,"All we want...! Is too protect you, and love you for who and what you are..."

Aiden wept and slowly reached before wrapping his tiny little arms around Celestia's plush body. She hugged him and her tears touched his cheeks as her love began to warm his heart. Luna decided to join in and hugged the boy in the dark before their light illuminated their path in the closet. Slowly the boy put a small smile on before they turned to the path that lead to some tiny stairs. This was a sign, a sign to follow and continue their search together for the way out.

"Come... We are close, I can feel it. We just need to keep moving."Celestia pointed to the stairs and prompted Aiden to move.

With his friends still with him and a new sense of confidence and trust instilled. The boy waddled to the stairs and dropped to a crawl at the edge of the steps. He gulped and slowly crawled down the steps that creaked with age as he made his descent. The sisters were wiping tears from their eyes and trying to steel themselves from the drama. Only for a bone chilling wail of pain to shudder their spines and almost stop their descent.

It sounded like a man and women being put through the greatest torment, and no one was coming to save them. The boy was trembling, his hands like rattle with each crawl that moved him forward. The mares too were in a state of horror in the pitch blackness. Only to then see a dim blue light in a line that meant one thing. There was a door at the bottom of the steps, and it lead to a lit up room.

Aiden was quick to pick up the pace before making it to the bottom of the steps and looking through the crack. He could only see a blue glimmer of light through the crack. He needed to open the door, and did so by finding the door knob and turning to open it. A wave of blue light hit his face and their vision blurred before they fell from the door way. They thankfully fell into a box in what looked like a downstairs hall way.

He shook his head and looked around the surrounding boxes, he saw nothing but his two little friends. They sighed and shook themselves off as dust fell from their manes and tails. Aiden was already crawling his way out,, and the ponies were right behind him. He felt them climb his legs and onto his back, before sitting on the box edge. To his astonishment, he was suddenly looking around to what looked to be his houses downstairs hall way.

"Does this look familiar to you Aiden?"Celestia questioned before he hopped down to the floor.

"It should. It looks like his old house... Only... A darker magic now controls it..."Luna explained before Aiden moved towards the glowing blue TV in the living room.

A moan was heard, the same screams of agony he heard before, like two souls in eternal torment. Aiden peaked into the living room, the same old static from the TV buzzed in his ears. The intimidating wails of pain chill his spine as he took a step into the room. His breath shuddered, and a cold breeze filled his lungs and made him freeze. All went silent for a moment, and suddenly, a flash of white struck the rug in front of him.

Sqare plates of white light appeared from under the floor and lifted into the air before the child. They formed like pieces of a puzzle and took the shape of two figure, one human like and male in stature. The other, hooded and disfigured from the looks of it's hands and head. The color of the disfigured one soon turned dark and colors around the trio turned gray, black and white. Before they knew it, the white figure was holding what looked like a bat, and the figures began to move.

"No! I won't let you take him! Stay back you bastard!"The white figure swung his bat like a fast and normal human being before speaking.

He cracked the black figure across the cheek, and the bat snapped in two in result of the blow. Slowly it turned it's head and chuckled at the human man figure. Suddenly it smacked the remains of the weapon from it's hand and grabbed it's victim by the throat. The man choked and gagged at the pressure on his neck and kicked his feet before he was lifted into the air. The dark one laughing at him as he continued to struggle and fight.

"You little hairless chimp! I offered you and your wife and painless way out of this mess you got yourself into,"The dark one spoke while Aiden was making out both voices,"Surrender the child to me. And the two of you live, but instead you spat in my face and told me to screw off!"

"Aiden's our son! He's not your toy to break. He's an innocent and special child!"The man revealed himself to be Aiden's father and grabbed at the dark arm that held him.

"That's exactly the reason he must die. He's too special and a danger to the forces that mount in those wretched princesses world,"The demon began to tighten his grip on the man's throat as white liquid began to stream from the white figure,"His arrival to Equestria will frighten and send our demons fleeing back to Tartarus. I can't let that happen...!"

"I look forward... To that moment... My son does so... And send monsters like you...! Back to HELL!"The father was choking and his voice strained as more white liquid leaked from his throat.

"Perhaps... Until then... It is you I shall send to hell!"Suddenly with a hiss and a toothy grin, one last bit of pressure smashed the man's throat.

White liquid went in every spot and even doused Aiden in the liquid before the strong smell of pennies struck his nose. Quickly, Luna turned him away and kept him looking away from the carnage. He could only then hear wheezing and labored breathing while Celestia witnessed the man going limb. The shadow then finally released the body and watched the man fall to the wood floor. Celestia finally looked away not wanting to believe that the worst has happened.

Finally both the figures disappeared in a flash and the room returned to normal, only a shaken an scared boy was now whimpering. Listening to his father going through pain and possible death just to protect him. He looked back to where the figures were, and he saw nothing. He watched Celestia approach him and hug his leg before pointing to the kitchen.

"I hear it Aiden. The portal is in the kitchen...! We are close."Celestia did her best to encourage him and was picked up to be held once more.

Suddenly they could hear the foot steps stomping down the stairs, the shadow was coming for them once more. Aiden was quick to listen, and crawled to the kitchen, crawling was faster than walking. Quickly he went into the kitchen and was chilled by the hard tile floor. He could hear the dark one closing in, he was almost in the living room, and he was hunting. Aiden looked for a hiding spot, and dove into a cabinet under the kitchen island table.

Celestia and Luna closed the doors for him, and they finally sat together in silence. They could hear the snarls, the stomps of dark feet cracking the wood floor and grinding the tiles. He sniffed the air, just right by the cabinet, and right by the kitchen table. He grumbled and flipped the table as it crashed to the floor and nearly broke in two. He yelled and swung open the fridge and found only the scent of spoiled milk, his favorite drink.

"I know you were here boy! You saw the little..."chat" I had with your father...! Yeah. I know you saw that,"The shadow called the boy out as Aiden covered his ears and tried to ease an ache in his head,"Your parents chose to fight instead of submit to the will of Tartarus...! Hehe. You should have seen the fight your mom put up."

A maniacal giggle sounded and quickly faded as if the shadow was leaving the area for some sort of trick.

"Aiden. Aiden...! Look at us..."Celestia whispered before Aiden opened his eyes to see Celestia and Luna before him.

"We are here for you child. We will protect you. Just like your parents did for you, remember that,"Luna explained to him with a nuzzle to his chest,"After this nightmare. You'll never have to be scared, alone and brave again. Because we'll always be here for you..."

"And that night mare is closer than you think, Look,"Celestia had open a cabinet door on the other side and saw salvation,"The portal is right there...! Just a couple steps and over that skinny wooden plank of a bridge..."

Both Luna and Aiden quickly crawled over and did indeed see the portal right at the end of a skinny wooden plank bridge. Half the kitchen was gone and completed with a black void. The bridge sat before them and went over a black cliff of endless darkness, a serious danger. But right at the bridges end was the portal, it seemed to good to be true. Celestia was first to walk out and check the area, and found a new white figure.

Aiden too had then poked his head out and looked around the dark half kitchen before crawling out. Only to see the figure himself, and see that it was crying while it's long hair flowed in the wind. It sounded like a woman, and even began to look like a women, she was sitting against the island table. Holding her legs and crying into her knees among the silence before looking to the ceiling. She sniffled and whimpered before a name left her lips.

"Aiden... I love you son... Daddy loves you... Mommy loves you... We'll always love you,"That beautiful harmonic voice screamed only one person that owned that voice, his mother,"We'll always love you...! Dead or alive we will, please be strong...! Please be safe...!"

Aiden widen his eyes at the figure and reached for her, only to freeze at a familiar black shadow. It slowly turned the corner and spotted the women hiding with her head down, not wanting to look. He snarled and smiled as a black rope was forming in it's claws and chuckling at her.

"I'll make sure to pass that onto him before he joins you...!"

That hiss made the women scream before he swung the rope around her neck and suddenly dragged her away. Her shoes flew off in two directions as she kicked and struggled against the shadow. Aiden shook even more, he could hear his mother screaming and choking. Breath failed to find her as she disappeared behind the counters and began to grow quiet. Gagging and choking filled his ears before he tried to cover them and resist the horror.

"Don't listen to it Aiden! Just run! RUN!"Celestia prompted the child before he quickly took off towards the portal.

Leaving the dying chokes of his mother behind he rushed across the floor and paused at the bridge, he could hear roaring behind him. Luna gave him a quick push before both mares jumped to his back. He then crawled onto the bridge and fought to stay balance on the skinny bridge. The bottomless black pit under him threaten to make him sick. All it took though was for him to keep looking at the swirling red and black portal.

The mares screamed in his ear to run and go, they were so close to the end, they could taste freedom. He crawled for his life and reached for the portal before the board began thrashing. He paid no mind and was almost able to touch the portal and escape the dark one. It was then that hope was stopped cold by four claws wrapping around not him, but Celestia herself. He froze and grabbed for Celestia while Luna was suddenly grabbed as well.

He grabbed for Luna's hoof and was hoisted into the air off the collapsing bridge. He looked around and met the red eyes of the shadow that hissed at him as he dangled the kid by his own friends. He laughed and chuckled as Aiden slipped and accidentally yanked on his friends.

"I told you. You can't escape me...! Now all of you are going to die here...! In my world!"He roared as he prepared to grab Aiden.

"Aiden...! You can't hold onto us for much longer...! Please Aiden!"Celestia said as she noticed he was right above the portal.

"Sister! I can't...! This body is breaking apart, we can't last much longer!"Luna screamed while looking to tears in her plushy body opening up.

Aiden looked to the ponies and looked to them in a sadden panicked, seeing them being ruined. He did not care whether the shadow would kill him here, but he did not want to lose his friends. He screamed as he saw them tearing up even more while tears dropped on his face. He could see tears forming in the sisters eyes as they slowly looked down to him with a whimper. There was only one thing they could do to stop him, and they knew it would be hard to do in front of Aiden, but their choice had been taken from their hooves.

"Aiden... We... Love you! Be safe! No matter what happens from here on out! This is not the end...!"Celestia said as she then began to relax while Luna did the same and let fate take over.

"Goodbye Aiden...!"Luna cried.

Suddenly Aiden shook his head and kicked his feet before demons grip tighten. He went to grab the boy, but the worst for them both happened before their eyes. Suddenly in a burst of white fluff, Celestia and Luna's bodies were pulled in two by the demon. Aiden screamed before he suddenly dropped while holding the ponies lower halves in his tiny hands. The shadow missed the grab and gasped as the boy fell into the portal.

As he watched stuffing float at his sides, and Celestia and Luna part from his side into the dark clutches of evil. He screamed and cried out loud as the shadow roared back at his escape.

"NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO! HE ESCAPED?!"The dark one screamed as a burning sensation suddenly hit his back.

"That's right... You lost your game shadow. And you're time is up...!"Luna coughed enduring the pain of being pulled in two.

"And now...! Here comes... MY SUN!"Celestia shouted as a bright yellow and orange light glared and suddenly began frying his dark realm.

"NO NO THIS CAN'T BE! I'm the master of nightmares! A lord of All DARKNESS,"He shouted in defiance as his world crumbled around him by bright glares of the sun itself burning his darkness away,"NOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOO!"

As his evil world fell apart, he too began to burn away while the plushies disappeared into the light, leaving him in fire. The dark one screamed and felt his limbs burning away and falling from his body. The light melted his eyes, and his teeth fell from his mouth before the rest of his dark body went up in flames. Banishing him and his darkness forever, leaving only one last loose end to this day long struggle towards a young ones life.