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Malt Witty hasn't had a bad life, but he hasn't had a good one. Maybe it's time to stop pretending it can ever get better. Would it... really be so bad... if it just stopped?

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Gawren has finally made it to Ponycon, a celebration of Equestria's heroes and values. Sure, some other griffons might think it's lame, but those guys were so busy trying to be cool that they never had any fun. And that's what Gawren was here for. Fun. ...And maybe also to meet a particular special somepony. ...Yeah... mostly that.

Written for Quill and Blade's Super Summer Jam.

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Despite years together, Sunset has yet to meet Wallflower's parents. With their wedding only months away, it's time to do that, and more importantly it's time to know why it hadn't happened until now.

For Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Journeys.

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This story is a sequel to Back and There Again

Rarity has 'landed' safely in Equestria and she can finally see all her friends and family again. Aiden can finally meet all these good people he's heard so much about, and maybe try his hand at a bit of amateur diplomacy.

Unfortunately, they weren't the only ones to find a way to travel to Equus...

Events fifteen hundred years in the making will come to fruition as old enemies and allies vie to decide the fate of two worlds.

This story takes place before the events of Season 8.
Extra tags (since five character tags are the limit): Tempest Shadow, Changelings

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As the ponies of Canterlot go about enjoying Luna's night, their Princess greets a traveler from impossibly far away, who appreciates it just as much.

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This 'Earth' is so close, and yet so far from anything Twilight described on the other side of that mirror. How is Rarity going to get back to her home when she can't understand anyponybody? And didn't Twilight say she became human, and humans didn't use magic? Yet clearly some did... and that wasn't even counting all the devices that might as well have been magical, as far as Rarity was concerned.

Who knew one strange little gem could cause so many problems? They'd taken it from her after it'd brought her straight into a lab for study, but... If she ever found it again, she was definitely going to let Spike eat it. As soon as she got home. And by Celestia, she was going to get home!

...Will Rarity ever find her way home? Is the gem that brought her to Earth the key, and is there more to the factions maneuvering around her appearance?

To complicate matters, this is an Earth recovering from its first alien invasion (Rarity being technically the second, then). ...Or does that actually explain things? No, no it doesn't. But it will.

To go with the Teen rating (or rather to explain it) there is light profanity and violence. I don't believe either are at a level where the warning tags are needed, but I'll mention it at least.
There may be some darker, more explicit moments in flashbacks, but I'll save those for Interludes.

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