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Take a look into the life and loves of Rising Dawn. An Alicorn from Equis and the TBS universe, Dawn is often overlooked in his era of history with his frequent lovers, and issues with drug abuse.

Within this story you will see his life through his own eyes, experience his love for yourself and feel more in connection with an OC who hasn’t had the most glamorous life. Some chapters are diary entries, others are poems written by the Dark horse himself, still others are biographical stories told as if we were watching it from afar.

Note: Feel free to add questions or comments and share your feedback! Also if you have a prompt or idea you’d like me to try send it too! Often these entries get filled out with prints and premises!

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The following stories take place in the AU, “The Brightness of the Sun”. These stories are also published on Equestria Amino often much earlier than they are here.

The AU “The Brightness of the Sun” is a universe built with similar laws and rules to Equestria, but which lies in Equis, an entirely separate land with entirely separate characters. Equis has its own wars and characters and lives. Alicorns are more common and far less powerful, some cannon characters exist in different forms and perspectives. New races appear, Troglobites and Belling children alike. Nightmares hide in the shadows.

For more information about “The Brightness of the Sun” and the characters of these stories, follow this link.

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After her return from the moon and subsequent defeat at the hooves of the mane six, Luna is taken by her sister to Canterlot where the beginning of her reform awaits. She wrestles with guilt, shame, and regret, but with the help of her sister she manages to find new ways to cope.

Warning, this story contains ABDL themes including forced diapering, public humiliation, spanking, wet and messy diapers, and more which may be intense in nature. Please do not proceed if you dislike stories of this kind.

This is my first story on here, and I would love constructive criticism.

Edit: Thank you guys for all the support and feedback! I’m so excited about how interested you guys are in this story and I really love reading and responding to your comments! If you have any suggestions you can add those to the comments too!

Edit 2: 5 years in the future, and this has needed a desperate revision. I cleaned up a lot of words and phrases, and added more context and emotion for the characters of Chapter 1.

Comment anything you’d like to see changed so far for any chapter as I’m probably going to update the rest of the chapters. In the next few weeks

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