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I'm an artist who likes to write and watch colorful ponies go on adventures. I also like anime. (OuO)

Since this is a pony site, here's my favorite ponies!

Favorite Mane Six-
Fluttershy probably......

Favorite Princess-
Princess Cadence

Favorite CMC-
Apple Bloom

Favorite Background-
Lyra Heartstrings

Favorite Villian-
Sonata Dusk

Favorite Overall-
Sunset Shimmer

Some others that I like that don't fall into a specific category or aren't my favority favorite in a category -
Coco Pommel
Derpy Hooves


amazon i love/hate you · 1:04am Apr 12th, 2015

i was just reading some fics on here when poof
an amazon ad appears
and it has the PMMM soul gems I've been looking for for so long SQUEE
:twilightsheepish: hehe distractions

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