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Between seasons of the show, the Mane Six and Spike must deal with being stuck in the Hiatus Zone, a dystopian place where all TV show characters are forced to go during a hiatus. Well, at least it's not the Cancellation Zone!

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So very meta.

The six & Spike entered an unmarked door. . .
They exited with blush on their muzzles and Spike had a big stupid grin on his face.
:rainbowhuh: wasup with that?
:pinkiehappy: That was some party
:twilightoops: I did wut?
:flutterrage: Angel Bunny Nooooooooo!
:raritystarry: Oh that Crystal Clarity
:moustache: I got sum ! WoW Sparity!
:derpytongue2: I just don't know Fimfiction ! My bad
:trollestia: It's good to be the Princess.

Oh wow, a fanfic about a hiatus is on hiatus :pinkiehappy:

Abusing legitimate features of the website for the purposes of metafiction.


So the life of a TV character is, as a best case scenario- a few seasons of fame...followed by an eternity in Cancellation Hell until everyone forgets about them.

It got a laugh out of me, so it's not that bad.
Never really understood what was wrong with meta fics...


Well, in my interpretation at least, that's only for the ones whose shows weren't ended properly. A show like Avatar: the Last Airbender (for example), which was not cancelled, but finished after a proper grand finale, wouldn't end up in the Cancellation Zone.

Gosh. Came here after randomly browsing for "crossover" tagged stories (a bit resarch for a comment in the Writers Group)

Anyway - this story cought my attention, so I saved it for later.
And. I am truely impressed.

This is a real uniqe thing. Awesome and a bit ... worrying (the idea of the Mane7 disappearing in the Cancelation Zone at some point gave me shivers.)

Really good work. This one goes on my fav-shelf and on my tracklist.

Have a like and a moustache good sir. :moustache:

This is kind of like a fan fic idea i had were it takes place in the roger rabbit universe and there making a live action cgi movie remake with celebrities. and the maine 6 angry about this rumen the film. I any one would like this fan fic take it :pinkiesmile:

The way they treat FIW Spike is so funny and sad at the same time.

Huh? So we're getting Duck Tales back again?

:raritystarry: What a beautiful creature who are you?

------- I'm your daughter Crystal Clarity a Dracony.

:duck::moustache: The Fimfiction zone ! :facehoof:

:twilightoops: Spike !

shouldn't there be a 'Completion Zone'? cause I'd think that the characters from a properly completed show wouldn't end up with the guys who were properly cancelled

I personally think it'd be an area where characters from shows like Star Trek and How I met Your Mother would hang out in their retirement, instead of being forced into an eternity of living with the sad sobbing sacks that are the Cancelled shows

After the door closed you hear a collective scream from the main six and Spike , As the screams continue the sign on the door falls off showing the true nature of the entryway

on the door was fimfiction.com

Happy April foalsday

The Season 5 premiere is starting right now! :pinkiegasp:

Boy, that got dark. Not a bad read, but not what I was expecting. Read it all the way through though.

This finish was outright evil.

Woah. I am impressed. Yes. This story has earned its place on my Fav-Shelf for sure.


I'd think they would be in a sort of heaven, a higher plane of existence.

And FiW...I have mixed feelings about it. I appreciate the work that went into it, but they try too hard to be edgy with the shock humor, like they're trying to be a pony-version of South Park or Family Guy.

*sirens blaring* What's happening? Bob, report!
Sir, the fourth wall has taken an extreme beating! The rift doesn't like it!
How bad is it?

Worse than when Cam tore open the Rift with the DotD review.

*computer explodes*

The Mane Seven and Sunset Shimmer all followed Hasbro out the door and down a series of blank grey hallways until they reached the door through which they used to enter Equestria. It was marked with the logo for the Hub Network, but it was boarded up.

“It could happen, only on The Hub,” Fluttershy said softly. And then they moved on, soon reaching a brand new door emblazoned with the Discovery Family logo.


I miss Bakasavants.com...
At least we still have its brilliant Chronicle of the Annoying Quest on Youtube

U have achieved a evil slow clap of excallance

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