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I'm sorry to see you go. Was it something I said?

I really hope that you do continue to write, in what ever field that interests you as you do have talent.

Best wishes to you and take care of yourself.

Comment posted by ayylamao deleted Aug 30th, 2015

Great first story man! (or girl doesn't matter) Can't wait to see what you'll bring in the future!
Keep it up!
Don't give up!

...Yep. You's getting watched after that story. Surprised more haven't joined those ranks, but I suppose give it some time. Fantastic entry and promising for what you may give us next.

Hey, since you seem to like Hypnotic/Mind Control-stories, I suggest you read this one: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/41146/twilight-revised
It's the best mind control-story I've read so far(exspecially the fourth chapter), hope you'll check it out :twilightsmile:

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