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Eleanor Wolfe has been a Pegasister since she was a little girl. Her favorite ponies have always been Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. One night, she watches one of her favorite episodes, and Pinkie Pie extends her hoof through the television, beckoning Eleanor to take her hoof.

Curious and taken by Pinkie Pie's character, Eleanor takes the hoof and is transported into the world of Equestria. However, the Mirror Pool makes one tiny mistake, Eleanor emerged from the pool as Surprise from Gen 1.

Will Eleanor accept her fate as Pinkie Pie's Pegasus twin, or will she be able to find a way home?

First two chapters take place during 'Too Many Pinkie Pies'.

Cover Art belongs to SparkingSnowflake.
Pony Designs belong to Taneysha.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro, DHX Studios and Lauren Faust.

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Two Pegasisters, named Eleanor and Samantha, go to a BronyCon event close to their hometown. There, the CEO of Hasbro reveals a contraption that allows dimensional travel. So Pegasisters and Bronies alike can meet the Mane 6 and ask one question each.

However, something goes wrong with the contraption and the Mane 6 cannot go home until it's fixed. Now, it's up to Eleanor and Samantha to volunteer and take the Mane 6 into their home and keep them calm until the contraption is fixed and they can finally go home.

How will Eleanor, Samantha and the Mane 6 handle with this new turn of events?

Cover Art by INowISeeI.
Pony Design belongs to EarthSong9405.
This takes place before Twilight Sparkle became an Alicorn.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro, Lauren Faust and DHX Studios.
Hope you enjoy it.

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Eleanor May Carter was a lonely, human girl from our universe. A girl with a love for comic books, video games and cartoons. Especially DC Comics and My Little Pony.

One night, just after watching the ending of one of her favorite shows, Eleanor made a wish upon a star. To be where she felt she truly belonged.

The next morning, she wakes up and finds herself in the presence of four young boys. She recognizes them as characters from her favorite show.

Let us join Ellie, as she wakes up in a world were My Little Pony and DC Comics Young Justice coexist, and joins her adventures with the young sidekicks, as she discovers a world where she truly belongs.

Cover Art belongs to AphexAngel.
Anthro Pony Design belongs to StasySolitude.
Deep One Ponies belong to R-i-Perils and DrXII.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Lauren Faust, DHX Studios and Hasbro.
Young Justice belongs to DC Comics, Warner Brothers, Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti.
Hope you enjoy it. ^_^

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What if Pink Diamond, as Rose Quartz, returned to The Garden, to find Spinel still waiting for her. Feeling bad for her behavior and how she treated the poor jester Gem, Rose Quartz recruits Spinel to the Crystal Gems.

Wanting to forget about the past and embrace the future, Spinel takes on a new form and a new personality, to become one of the guardians of Equestria and best friend to Rose Quartz's son; Quartzite Steven Universe.

Let us join the new and improved jester Gem, as she teaches her new best friend how to used his powers, and discover Rose Quartz's secrets.

Cover Art belongs to Mintkly.
Anthro Pony Design belongs to StasySolitude.
Gems are organic beings in this AU.
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic belongs to Lauren Faust, DHX Studios and Hasbro.
Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network.

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Sunset Shimmer was undergoing another exam test for another semester as Princess Celestia's protege. However, her magic goes haywire and summons a portal to another world. From the other side of the portal, a family of humans, from a far away planet, called Earth, appeared in the classroom.

Unfortunately, the magic returns to normal and the portal closes before anyone can react or make sense of what's happening.

Seeing this as an opportunity, Princess Celestia appoints one of the humans, the eldest daughter named Eleanor Carter, as Sunset Shimmer's study partner.

How will this story unfold? Come and see.

Cover Art belongs to Maytee.
Anthro Pony Designs belong to StasySolitude.
Mention of Deep Sea Ponies that belong to R-i-Perils and DrXII.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Lauren Faust, Hasbro and DHX Studios.

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