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A lone stallion sits alone, late at night, besides a keyboard. He's gone through all other options, and he can't really wait anymore. He has to talk with what's keeping him up at night.

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~One Nature, perfect and prevailing, circulates in all natures; one reality, all comprehensive, contains within itself, all realities. The one Moon reflects itself wherever there is a sheet of water, and all the moons in the waters are embraced within the one Moon. The Absolute of all Divine Teachers enters into my own being, And my own being is found in theirs. The Inner Light is beyond praise and blame; Like Space it knows no boundaries, Yet it is here, within us, ever retaining its serenity and fullness. You cannot take hold of it, but equally you cannot get rid of it, And while you can do neither, it goes on in its own way. You remain silent and it speaks; you speak and it remains dumb. The great gate of charity is wide open, with no obstacles before it.~

Yung-chia Ta-shih circa 700 BNM (Purveyor of souls and Adviser to Heng-Hui Jun-Jin, 1st Dragon King)

Originally, Twilight befriended all of her friends through the magic of the Sonic Rainboom and their shared cutie marks. They had went on their way to become what they are today, Saviors of Equestria, deliverers of hope, heck even a princess. However that all changed when Twilight faced off against Starlight and her ideals.

This had set a chain of events which led to Starlight now sitting on the magic friendship map. Starlight, with help, goes to the beginning of it all and tries to stop her bad end of the bargain. Twilight dives through the portal with Spike in her grasp and changes history. The world she had left behind changed to the whims of time, fate, and happenstance. Old enemies reclaimed what was once lost to them. Whole civilizations have crumbled to dust and ash. You know...The old song and dance between bitter rivals and all.

However, all that has been transfigured once again. It wasn't due to anything on Twilight's or Starlight's part in this fate of theirs. No, it was because of one single solitary entity that all of it has now changed. He had arrived in a time and place where he never belonged. He did know about this world though. He feared what his presence might've caused or influenced in the grand scheme of things. He tried his hardest to avoid the limelight of it all as well as keeping himself alive during it all. This had worked somewhat. He did make friends with Zecora, minor acquaintances with some of the Elements of Harmony, and some few stray travelers going through the wood, but this...this too has been changed by his arrival.

This is a "What If" story that had come to mind due to this site actually and the season 5 finale. My thoughts had included many things such as: What would've happened if the mane 6 weren't alone in their quests against the various enemies? What if some intruder had happened upon the country near the very beginning of the series? Would the endings be any different? Would Twilight have left things as they were? I know that people have probably done it already, but for the authors that I was waiting for, I knew that they wouldn't include this situation in their HIE stories or just avoid the whole mess entirely and make it so it never happened but everything else stayed the same. For those reasons, I made this little story to get my point across that this situation can be written about, as well as, see what other people think of if it, and if it could be a possible course of events or not.

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Hi. If you're reading this it's most likely that you were also just out and about in the woods taking a stroll when you were suddenly taken off the beaten path. If that is the case and you're not just some monster that's wondering what this parchment is and if it can eat it, then please read on.

If you have continued reading and not eaten this then you've passed the test! Congratulations! Now I probably won't remember where I put this in the damn forest of Hell. I'll just begin by telling you two things.

One: You are not on Earth anymore. I found this out when I stumbled upon a dragon's cave. Yeah.... Not one of my best moments. Also two: I do know where we are. In the fuckin' magical land of Equestria. It was awesome when I just watched this at home, but now...I realize it's not some walk in the park happy, adventure time to have. It's a dangerous place where you don't know where Civilization is.

Anyway that's my two pieces of advice for you. I hope you can survive until I can actually see you. Good luck and godspeed.

This is a story about a guy names Mark Hampton that takes place at the beginning of the fifth season. He was just an ordinary brony. He liked the show, the people, and the stories. His life changed the one day he decided to go camping in the wilderness. Now he's stuck in the Everfree Forest surviving with skills and luck. May Celestia help his forsaken soul.

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