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Peewee the Dragon

I'm an exile from a far away land but I will return to my home and reclaim what is mine.


The mysterious tale of a dragon's journey from running away from the only home he ever knew to finding the one place he belonged, a tale of mystery and wonder as he faces unknown dangers, falls in love and is accepted into the land of ponies.

Chapters (3)

At the Hearth's Warming Eve Party a young princess recieves a nutcracker doll from her godfather but little does she realize that the nutcracker is not what it appears to be.

During the night, after everypony else has gone to bed, the young princess returns to check on her beloved nutcracker. As the clock strikes midnight suddenly the rat army begins to fill the room led by the Rat King and only the nucracker colt can save her.

Cover Art belongs to Princess Maxii

Chapters (5)

Whitefang has spent most of his life alone, isolating himself from others. But, this all changes when he meets a technologically adept Pony named ChipSet. The two of them share a strained relationship, but they're gonna need to get along in order to survive the perilous world they are trapped in.

Set in Kkat's Fallout: Equestria.

Chapters (4)

Listen to the story of Malkor's Birth, The Draconian who was created in a laboratory from the DNA of the most rarest Draconian in all of Equestria, Murea, from Malkor's own mouth.

Chapters (1)

When Mayor Mare decided to organize the townsponies to go to the creepy-looking mansion to force the misunderstood Night Fright out of town, she didn't consider the possibilities of what would happen.

Chapters (6)
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