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Peewee the Dragon

I'm an exile from a far away land but I will return to my home and reclaim what is mine.


I'M STILL ALIVE!!! · 10:10pm Aug 22nd, 2016

Hello everyone, yes it's me peewee dragon, sorry I've been quiet for so long a lot stuff has been happening and I apologize, so how is everyone?

Bring me up to speed ^^

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Bride of Discord Review · 5:52pm Mar 2nd, 2016

After so long, I've finally done a review on Bride of Discord and to make it more special I've reviewed it with my girlfriend:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: I hope you all like it


My Thoughts On Trixie · 6:12pm Jan 25th, 2016

Hey, Bronies and Pegasisters! Been a while since I've posted a blog and I thought I'd post something special, I've started doing reviews and here is one of my latest reviews, it's on The Great and Powerful Trixie!:trixieshiftright:

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A Strange Reunion · 4:45pm Sep 17th, 2015

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted anything for while, I've been busy but here is what you've been waiting for! The next part of Peewee's Adventures... Enjoy!

*The scene opens and we are in what appears to be the great catacombs. In one of the passageways, a
band of trolls - were seen walking in torchlight. The leading troll stopped in front of a room at the end of the hallway. It
then turned around to face the rest of the group.*

Troll Leader: We're here.

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WHAT'S SHE DOING THERE!? · 5:17pm Jul 4th, 2015

Top left corner! LOOK WHO IT IS!!!!!


Happy Birthday To Me! · 6:23am May 21st, 2015

Hello everyone, just wanted to let you know it's my 21st birthday today and I wanted to thank all of you, I didn't expect to make this many friends here so let me just thank you... AND LET THE PARTY BEGIN!!!

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The Great Battle Pt3 · 3:28pm May 19th, 2015

Hey Guys!!!! I'm sorry for the wait but here it is! Part 3 of "The Great Battle"!

*The Satyrs March continuously when suddenly the sound of wings flapping towards them*

Dragons: We are from beyond the Mountains
Our wings are like a hurricane
Feel the heat of our breath
We are fire, We are death

Peewee: We are Dragons
Titans of the sky
You will fear us
Cower as our wings eclipse the sun
Sovereigns of fire
Down on your knees
You must know you can't run

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My new profile PIC · 11:40pm May 3rd, 2015

What do you guys think of my new Profile picture!

It's a picture of my two MLP OC's Peewee the Dragon and Showstopper! Let me know what you think

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My dad's being a pain! · 11:19pm Apr 23rd, 2015

The title pretty much says it all.

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Skype me! · 11:21pm Mar 28th, 2015

Hello all! I figured I'd let you what happened to me today.

Tablet battery died so charged for a few hours and when I took it off charge it wiped everything so I had to start again including start a new Skype, so if any of you wish to Skype with me feel free to ask.

Hope to talk to you guys soon.

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