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The newest prince in all Equestria, icon for all old and young, now had to deal with something really unexpected, after all, you weren't always transformed into a PRINCESS by mistake.

AN: My first Rule 63 story, half of the mane cast are mares (Pinkie, Rarity and Fluttershy) and the other half are males (Rainbow Blitz, Applejack and Dusk Shine) Some of the Princesses are R63 too (Prince Solaris, Eros, and Princess Luna)
Teen because... Yeah.
Massive rewrite taking place.

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The Doctor had lived for a long time with the fact that he is the only one, the last of the Timelords, but when a terrible catastrophe occours to one of his companions, he is going to rediscover frienship , as he struggles to avoid the one thing that had chased him since the first time he stepped a hoof out of Gallopfrey


AN: Oneshot, Without editor, just random Ideas that come out of my mind after watching Deep Breath (Series 8 Yay!!), so tell me what you think.

AN [02/12/14]: EDITED!!! by Inthretis

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How will cope our favorite group of ponies, when they suddenly are trapped, not in a cage, but in their younger, smaller, and certainly cuter forms??, and what will do a certain trio af not-so-little fillies to avoid any harm while being in this form?,
Time to find out.

a HUGE thank you to TheARAuthor for editing this monster of story.
Edit: [24/09/14] Provisional Cover Art, I don't know if I must cheer for this, but still

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